Bond film delays would wreak havoc on product placement for brands

Delays linked to the latest James Bond film’s pandemic are said to be causing problems for its marketing deals, with advertisers fearing the film could end up featuring outdated product placements, The sun reported. The 25th Bond film, No time to die, is currently set to hit theaters on October 8, more than a year after its initial release.

“Some of these things were the very latest models when they started filming,” a source said. The sun, “But by the time the movie is released now, it will look like Daniel Craig and everyone else in the cast is wearing something that has been out for ages. This is not really the point of these agreements. ”

While the film will feature Omega watches, Bollinger champagne, and Adidas shoes, it seems likely that HMD Global’s Nokia phones may be released sooner. HMD Global announced last year that the film will include its Nokia 8.3 5G from last year, and TechRadar reports that the film is also expected to include the Nokia 7.2, which was first released in 2019.

The sun points out that the film could face repeats to disguise its outdated products, and quotes a source as saying some scenes can be “carefully edited.”

“Big tech companies want stars to have all the new products coming up to promote and sell to fans,” the source explains. The sun. “This means that some scenes will have to be carefully edited and reviewed to bring things up to date.”

We may have seen an example of this type of editing at work before. Although one of the stars of the film, Lashana Lynch, appears to be using a Nokia 8.3 5G in the ad above (note the camera flash to the left of the table), a previous version released in March 2020 appears to feature a Nokia 5.3, complete with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and a headphone jack on the top.

An advertisement released in March 2020 appears to show a Nokia 5.3 with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.
Screenshot: Nokia Mobile

The same images in the September 2020 release, where the phone looks like a Nokia 8.3 5G.
Screenshot: James Bond 007 / YouTube

No time to die Originally slated for release in April 2020, but was postponed to November of last year after the pandemic forced theaters around the world to close. The film was then postponed to April 2021 and then to October 2021. Provided no delays occur, the film is currently slated for release around a year and a half after its initially scheduled debut.

Luckily for HMD, there’s at least one phone in the movie that’s unlikely to be released for too long. According to TechRadar, No time to die will also feature a classic Nokia 3310, a phone originally released in 2000.

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