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Borderlands 2: How to Start the Lilith DLC Commander and Get a Level Boost

Just in case people were not already motivated to return Borderlands to Borderlands 3, the developer Gearbox now has a little bit of excitement: a last piece of downloadable content for Borderlands 2, Commander Lilith and the fight for the shrine. This DLC fills the gap between Borderlands 3 and is a great way to remind you of the specifics of this series – but it's not all that.

This is not, for example, a basic and basic piece of DLC. It adds new challenging bosses, a new story quest and even a whole new loot category, the new Effervescent craft, as well as new, sweet weapons like the Toothpick that quickly become fans' favorites.

But to get to all these new sweet things, you need to know how to start the DLC Commander Lilith – and if you do not have an old Borderlands 2 backup, you may also need the Level 30 Boost option that is now included. Here's how to get and start the DLC – and create a free 30-level character if you need it.

Borderlands 2, Commander Lilith & DLC – How to start this latest series of story quests

First, the new commander Lilith and the DLC Fight for Sancurary require the copy of Borderlands 2, which is in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on PS4 and Xbox One. This version is currently available at the very attractive price of nothing as part of the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, so you are covered if you subscribe to any of these programs. On PC, an old standard copy of Borderlands 2 will do the trick.

Once the game is reinstalled, you will need to use the showcase of your choice to find and download the DLC Commander Lilith and Fight for Sancurary. This is an automatic update and not separate, and not an automatic update integrated for Borderlands 2. Well The news is like the game. It's a freebie at the moment – and if you already own Borderlands 2, the DLC is a freebie for everyone, regardless of the status of their Game Pass or PS + subscription.

How to Start Ordering Lilith DLC in Borderlands 2

Once the DLC is installed, getting started is extremely easy. Simply upload a backup, either by selecting an old one, dropped when you play Borderlands 2 religiously, or just starting a new one (more about that in a second).

Once the backup is loaded, just head to a fast travel station in the world of Borderlands 2. Top of the menu Fast Travel Locations you will now have a new option, Fight for the sanctuary. If you press this key, the DLC will start with a story sequence before you jump into the new content itself.

But what if you do not have a character or backup at your fingertips? This is a final DLC at the end of the game, so you can not tackle it at level 1 … well – about that …

How to get a level 30 boost and create a new character at level 30

If you do not have a character and you save, or if you just want to experiment, Gearbox is generous there too. On the Borderlands 2 main menu screen, there is an option to select a character from your list of registered characters. This varies from one platform to the other, but a prompt at the bottom right of the main menu will tell you the contents of your system.

Just hit that. If you have existing characters or not, somewhere on the page, it will open option to create a new level 30 character.

This option does not just come with a level 30 character – it's ideal. You start with an empty skill tree and 30 skill points to spend. You will also create weapons and armor appropriate to the level and DLC. Plus, it even takes you to the top of the Fight Lilith and Fight for Sanctuary DLC! Once the downloadable content is complete, you can also go back and integrate this character into the rest of the world of Borderlands 2.

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