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Since Borderlands Gearbox Software developer held a sign at PAX East 2019 to reveal Borderlands 3fans of the first-person shooter franchise claim as much information as possible about the next entry in the series, many wondering how the scale of the third entry will compare to previous titles. The director of the video game development company, Randy Pitchford, recently decided to specify the size of the card for Borderlands 3.

According to Pitchford, Borderlands 3 Overall, Gearbox's CEO did not provide specific examples of the exact size of the card. Nevertheless, Pitchford said, "The locations vary. Some are bigger than the previous average, others are smaller. "This is likely to spark a lot of fan speculation around the world. Borderlands 3 reveal trailer will provide the largest spaces.

Although it is prudent to assume many Borderlands 3 Players would prefer that the map size for the majority of the game's hotspots be remarkably larger than the previous entries in the first person shooting franchise, because the scale of the environments, just for the sake of playing, could result in unwanted fill content. Nevertheless, the game seems ready to continue the trend of the series to take root in gameplay based on loot, and Borderlands 3 With more than a billion firearms, there will certainly be a lot of materials that will not be as important as others.

When it comes to crossing the map in Borderlands 3It seems that Gearbox will provide players with an updated user interface that will give them a mini-3D map for easy navigation in the various game environments. Borderlands fans may remember, the original game featured only a compass rather than a mini-map, and Borderlands 2 was a traditional 2D mini-map, so it will be interesting to see how Gearbox incorporates this enhanced functionality into Borderlands 3.

All things considered, we will simply have to wait Borderlands 3 publish to better understand the actual size of the map and game environments. It will be in a good time, but we hope that means that Gearbox can use this time to make the areas of the suite as sumptuous as possible.

Borderlands 3 The release scheduled for September 13, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is currently planned.

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