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Bose 700 noise reduction headphones, convenient

Key specifications

  • Price of the review: £ 349.95
  • Black and silver finishes
  • 11 levels of active noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Integrated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Bose AR

The latest Bose headset is the Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headset (Bose NC 700). Although comparable to the existing QuietComfort 35 II models, the most impressive feature of the 1970s is certainly its qualities of active noise cancellation.

With 11 levels (including talk mode and two-way noise canceling), voice assistant support and the introduction of Bose AR, these Bose headphones are definitely worth a look.

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Design – Bose NC 700

The Bose Noise Canceling 700 (or Bose NC 700) headphones are different from the QuietComfort 35 II as soon as you see them. They just look thinner.

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Bose NC 700

Where the QC 35 IIs headband is flexible, capable of wrapping around a compact body, the 700s features a seamless stainless steel bar.

It's still fully adjustable, but the screws and seals are concealed to leave you with a sleek looking helmet that fits perfectly to a range of heads. The headphones fold flat in the ear cups, allowing them to stay compact without resorting to a more complex folding mechanism.

The touch controls on the headset mean that headphones are not cluttered with extremely physical buttons. Raise your hand to the right headset and you will be able to play with the volume controls or pause, play and skip a track at once or with a finger. There are also separate buttons for noise canceling presets and Bluetooth activation.

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Sound – Bose NC 700

The headphones sounded really good. The music appeared dynamic, with a good tonal balance and a brilliant stereo image evoking the Bose NC 700.

Bose NC 700

This was not a surprise, as Bose explained that the sound quality was quite comparable to that of the QC 35 II. In fact, noise isolation was what was best in terms of sound. The music was clean and distinct, not detecting any traces of the road works in progress.

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Features – Bose NC 700

Two characteristics are worth considering on the Bose NC 700 ANC and Bose AR.

The Bose NC 700 features 11 levels of noise cancellation and are all separate from each other. The number of noise canceling options allows you to switch from one to the other without feeling like you are being sent back to the outside world.

You can browse the 11 elements of the Bose application or select your three main settings and save them as presets with a dedicated button located on the left earpiece.

The zero level is also called talk mode. This feature lets you capture the sounds around you without lifting your headphones, which is great for listening to a train ad or having a quick chat with a friend on the street.

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Bose NC 700

The most impressive part may have been hearing how noise suppression technology works both ways. The helmets attack the noise suppression with the help of an eight-microphone system implanted in the atria. – Four microphones point to your mouth to capture and isolate the voice, while two of these mics associate with four others to control the sound around you and reject it with the help of algorithms noise suppression.

This means that the helmets are not only able to cancel the outside noise for the wearer, but also to cancel the noise for those who listen on the other side. We saw someone enter a bustling hotel restaurant through a video source and the passing of the microphone audio quality from the smartphone built into the Bose headset was excellent. The clatter of cutlery and conversation were cut in favor of a clearly defined voice.

700 compatibility with Bose AR is more of a forward-looking feature now, but it's certainly an exciting solution. The helmet incorporates an accelerometer to monitor the speed of movement of the head, a gyroscope to track the rotation of your gaze and a magnetometer to track your absolute position in real space.

This information can be used by apps to enhance your experience when you wear the 700. Bose thinks it's an augmented reality audio. If you pass in front of a restaurant, an app can give you information about the opening hours and the menu. Bose even has ideas for adding an audio pin function so you can hike and leave a message to your friends in a specific place, or walk to a historic monument and hear an old speech. animate.

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Bose NC 700: first impressions

The Bose NC 700 is a good choice if you are looking for a pair of headphones to communicate on the move. Noise cancellation features are those where the headset really shines, but it would be interesting to listen to the audio performance when it does not display its noise canceling capabilities.

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