Boston cops sing "God Bless America" ​​in a viral video "carpool karaoke"

Two Boston police officers sing an impressive version of "God Bless America" ​​while they were driving in their police car. Their fourth edition of "carpool karaoke" has become viral.

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  1. I didn't know gang members sung this song…Shocking.

  2. Pathetic. USA is a police state under a satanic Zionist banker dystopic tyranny. The police have become their tools

  3. Aww, they took time away from shooting people to act like humans.

  4. People are starving in Yemen. Watch mainstream media and you'd never know.

  5. Thank you for bringing back the "Great American Spirit" President Trump! We are greatful for our Freedoms that our soldiers over 200yrs have fought, lived and died for this country. #StandwithBlue ?? MAGA

  6. God Bless and protect these officers!

  7. get that corny bs outta here!

  8. Nice to take a break from harassing innocent people.

  9. CBS showing patriotism? Is it possible? How can it be?

  10. All I can think of is the first scene from casino when the car blows up

  11. Liberals are vile animals who hate America and cops. They love ISIS, child rapists and Satan. They deserve to be burned alive in cages.

  12. Amen! Praying for the United States of America! God has blessed USA GREATLY… And has used us to be a blessing to many other nations. BUT we need to humble ourselves before God. We need to repent of turning away from Him and kicking Him out of United States. We have become prideful and we have done much wickedness in the eyes of our God. Praying for us all to turn to God now. Time is shorter than we think. We will all stand before God and give account of ourselves. If you haven't yet, please get right with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

  13. [[ Message for Dems ]] IT $ To Re Organize its Voted BASE the Hollywood MS-13 ISIS DEEP STATE [ APE $ ]

  14. Yeah ! Some chill time before shot some innocent unarmed random guy

  15. You gave me goosebumps, beautifully done.

  16. I’ve got goosebumps at how beautiful they sing. I’m not even from America but I felt how much they love their country. They must love it to risk their lives everyday for it.