[Box Office] "Alita" is fighting for a stronger opening; & # 39; Happy Death Day 2U & # 39; can not repeat success


After planning to open less than $ 30 million, Twentieth Century Fox Robert Rodriguez-directed and James Cameron-product Alita: Battle Angel (read our review) outperformed with an estimate of $ 41 million during this extended weekend in North America. What is important is the international numbers, which added an additional $ 60 million for an overall total of $ 135 million during the holidays. Even better, Alita Japan and China will open their doors next weekend. They hope to break $ 50 million in this last territory. The film's budget would be between $ 150 and $ 200 million, which means Alita must reach at least $ 500 million worldwide to break even. Fans who are hoping for a sequel will have to wait to see how it unfolds over the next few weeks.

While Alita Upper projections, Universal Pictures / Blumhouse's Good death 2U (read our review) has seen decreasing and underachieving returns. The first scoutings were Happy feast of death suite, also produced by Christopher Landon, open with $ 30 million. According to preliminary estimates, it is only $ 13.5 million in the United States, half of its predecessor. It added an additional $ 11.8 million to the world for a global opening of $ 25.3 million. Even if the sci-fi slasher has underperformed, it is likely that this sequel will be very profitable since the budget would only cost $ 9 million. We can start talking about a trilogy when it reaches $ 35 million globally, which should be by the end of next weekend.

The return of Orion Pictures to the big screen The Prodigy (read our review) continues to limp its way through a statement. After a small opening of $ 6 million, the film currently stands at $ 11 million in the country. Fortunately, the budget is estimated at only $ 6 million, which means that it needs $ 20 million (roughly) overall to break even. were again waiting for international numbers.

Quick Updates: Columbia Pictures' Room of escape (review) is now at $ 115 million worldwide and Mr. Night ShyamalanS Split after, Glass (review), currently holds $ 234 million. Both are massive hits.

I'm often asked why these box office numbers are important for we. In reality, this is not the case, although the success or failure of a film can have an impact on our fandom. For example, fans of Alita have waited years for this adaptation. In my opinion, Fox played a dangerous game with the Star wars-size budget and now, if the movie is a failure, the fans will be the ones who lose. On the other side of the spectrum is Blumhouse, which produces films in the $ 5 million to $ 10 million range and owns the powerful Universal Pictures distribution arm. All their outputs are designed for success, and even in the case of an underperforming film, like Good death 2U, there is again a chance for yet another suite. What does all this mean? Again, nothing really, even if hardcore moviegoers still take root, not just for a movie. well but for that to succeed too. I do not see anything wrong with that.

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