Box office weekend – John Wick takes it to Avengers: Endgame with a better series


And so it's over. After four consecutive weekends at the top, Avengers: Endgame was finally withdrawn. And of course, it's John Wick from Keanu Reeves, a guy who always takes his targets with extreme prejudice, who did it (Thanos probably destroyed his dog and we know how that always happens). John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum swept all expectations of openness in the US with a whopping $ 57 million, almost double what John Wick: Chapter 2 had won in 2017 and more than the first film shot in his country. back in 2014.

With tougher criticism and word of mouth for the third stage, Reeves' ruthless killer is also doing good business outside of the United States. Although it is yet to open in some major international markets, it has already added $ 92 million to its coffers, giving it a global total of $ 150 million. With a budget of $ 55 million, it means that John Wick 3 is already making a net profit and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

As for Endgame, he may have lost his first place, but that did not stop the blockbuster blockbuster Marvel blockbuster reorganizing the record books. Gaining an additional $ 29.4 million in the United States, Endgame's national total climbed to $ 770.8 million, surpassing Avatar ($ 760.5 million) to only appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($ 936.6 million). Internationally, he has also added a few million more, which allows him to approach the world record of $ 2.778 billion at the box office of Avatar, so far untouchable for a decade. At just $ 2.614 billion after only a month, Endgame certainly has the best chance of toppling Avatar up to now, but with even more significant launches in the wake of John Wick 3 over the next few weeks (Brightburn, Godzilla: The monster king, Rocketman, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Men in Black International, Toy Story 4) will not be easy to fill this gap.

Detective Pokemon Pikachu completes the podium and has continued his record-breaking weekend (the biggest beginning of video game adaptation of all time) with a solid and even electrifying second-year electrifying American North. The addition of 24 million US dollars in the United States is not the story of the film this weekend, it is also a small success abroad. Worldwide, the film has now crossed the 200 million mark.

We had two newcomers on the chart this past weekend, but none had a lot of impact. The first step is A Dog's Journey, and if you've never heard of it, this is the sequel to A Dog's 2017 Goals of … you've probably never heard of. And that seems to be the order of the day here because A Dog's Journey totally underperformed and only opened the sad melody of $ 8 million in fourth place. On the other hand, his predecessor had managed more than twice as much as his debut, so it's definitely a bust. At least, he resisted better than YA Romance, The Sun is also a star, who did not earn $ 2.6 million to make his debut in eighth place.

Let's see what the rest of the American picture looks like:

No. Movie name Weekend Gross Percentage of change US gross Gross World Last week's position
1 John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum $ 57 million BORN $ 149.2 million $ 170.4 million BORN
2 Avengers: End of the game $ 29.4 million -53% $ 770.8 million $ 2.615 billion 1
3 Pokemon Detective Pikachu $ 24.8 million -54% $ 94 million $ 206.4 million 2nd
4 The journey of a dog $ 8 million BORN $ 8 million $ 23.5 million BORN
5 L & # 39; agitation $ 6 million -53% $ 23.1 million $ 51.2 million 3rd
6 L & # 39; intruder $ 4 million -45% $ 28 million $ 28.6 million 4th
7 Long Shot $ 3.4 million -45% $ 25.7 million $ 32.7 million 5th
8 The sun is also a star $ 2.6 million BORN $ 2.6 million $ 2.6 million BORN
9 poms $ 2 million -61% $ 10 million $ 10 million 6th
ten Uglydolls $ 1.6 million -61% $ 17.2 million $ 18.8 million 7th

Last update: May 20, 2019

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