Bracketology: Michigan moves up to second in final NCAA tournament bracket screening


A new bracket projection has been released and this is the first since the NET ranking began on Monday. There are a few anomalies in there which is to be expected as there is not the typical number of games played that we usually have at this time of year.

There were also some weird daily moves for teams not playing that can’t really be explained by a simple change in the quality of a team’s schedule. For example, Rutgers lost by 23 to Michigan State on Tuesday night. In the NET rankings on Wednesday, the Scarlet Knights fell from 19 to 24, while the Spartans climbed 11 places to 109. The next day, with no team playing, Rutgers lost another 13 places while Michigan State rose 28. It is as if the impact of the results of a game is a day late. This is just one example.

For the first installment I had to use the RPI to define the quadrants, but for this parenthesis and futures the NET will be used. It is, after all, his job. This means that you can see some counterintuitive moves in the Monday to present range, as CVs can look very different with the change in ranking system.

Bracketology Top seeds

Check out the latest Palm support, the 68 field, the last four entrants and the first four exits

One thing that didn’t budge was the teams on the top line of support. Gonzaga, Baylor, Villanova and Texas are still the top four seeds. The highest-ranked team to drop a line was Rutgers, who went from a No.2 seed to a No.3 after that loss to Michigan State.

Cowboys Under Study

Oklahoma State has been added to the parenthesis for now. The Cowboys received a post-season ban for the 2020-21 season, but because they are attractive, they are still eligible until that call is decided.

There are currently 138 games that have been carried over, all of which are conference games. More than 40 teams are currently on hiatus due to COVID-19 issues. It seems to be a constant problem all season long. When it comes to the selection process, teams can only be judged on the schedule they have played and the results of those matches. They cannot be given credit for a stronger or weaker schedule due to games that ended up being canceled, nor can the results of those canceled games be presumed. You are what your CV says you are.

Assuming the college football playoff championship game goes as planned on Monday night, the next bracket screening will be January 15.

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