Brandi Carlile and Dave Grohl play a surprise concert at the Pike Place market


Brandi Carlile, recent Grammy winner and native of Pacific Northwest, surprised fans Saturday afternoon for a lively concert with Dave Grohl and other band members.

The pair was produced at the Pike Place market, near the famous fish market.

"So … the rumor goes that maybe we're going to tour Pike Place right now … see you soon, fishing !!" Carlile posted on Instagram a few minutes before buyers noticed the artists.

Dozens of spectators surrounded the singers for a special performance that lasted only about 15 minutes.

The fans then took pictures, many of them evoking their shock and their pleasure to meet their talents.

Carlile's Facebook page went live at 3:30 pm, showing a few minutes of the performance.

But as quickly as it started, the performers stayed a few pictures and left.

Several people who saw the excitement on social media rushed into Pike Place, just missing Carlile and Grohl.

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