Brandi Carlile takes Dave Grohl Busking in Seattle – Variety


All surprise collaborations did not happen at Coachella this weekend. Brandi Carlile and Dave Grohl, Seattle's greatest musical artists, teamed up for a mini-set Saturday afternoon in their home town and settled in front of the famous Pike Place Market.

Unlike most Coachella weekends 2, this set was broadcast live, on Carlile's Facebook page, where videos of them playing "Let It Be" from The Beatles and "Times Like These" from Foo Fighters are still available. Fans have also joined the social media sharing.

For Carlile, it was a return to known terrain: she was working at Pike Place in the early 2000s before signing her first deal with Sony. "Where it all started so many years ago," she wrote on Instagram.

For the leader of the Foo Fighters, this was probably a new experience, even though the witnesses stated that none of them had taken the time to explain why they were there at a time. appearance that would have lasted about 15 to 20 minutes.

Not everyone was caught off guard. Under the second of two photos that she shared on Instagram with Grohl at her home, southeast of Seattle, Carlile warned fans of the square that he was about to visit the scene .

Both musicians performed in January during Chris Cornell's tribute to the Los Angeles Forum, although their paths did not cross on the stage.

They were accompanied, as Carlile has always been for most of the last two decades, from "the twins", his fellow bandmates, Phil and Tim Hanseroff, who also published photos, like the one below.

Apparently, Grohl, Carlile and the Hanseroth are struggling to stay. Carlile had posted a picture Friday night saying, "I like it when Dave Grohl comes to dinner with the ATVs. Sir, you are welcome to live with me … please. # Versementsnouvellesnouvellesaujourd'hui. "

Affirming this feeling, Phil Hanseroth replied, "I will never believe that we hang out all day or that we drank a beer that tore up the tracks with this guy !!!! When DAVE GROHL parked in front of me on his quad, I was almost like Bradley Cooper at Grammys in this movie / best day of my life !!!!!! Tim added, "Wait, let me just find my brain! ! "Unfortunately, the ATV was not broadcast live.

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