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Brandon Nimmo gets sick from chicken

The Mets played in a spring training match on Wednesday. This is pretty standard.

Players missing games due to uncontrollable injuries or diseases are also fairly standard. Brandon Nimmo did not play Wednesday's game with the Mets because he felt bad weather.

Why Nimmo had a stomach virus, however, is not standard. In fact, it is unusual, but it is important to properly handle raw poultry.

Mets Director Mickey Callaway is serious or has some fun with the situation. is It is clear that chicken cooking is a problem and no one should try it. Just eat something that you can throw in the microwave for a few minutes.

Agree, it may be a difficult decision to make – but the chicken certainly requires some level of culinary skill and awareness of safe food handling. If you do it well, it's delicious.

Good luck next time, Brandon! You are already a braver man than me for trying to prepare your own chicken dinner …

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