André Ceciliano exonerates adviser who handled about R $ 26 million according to Coaf | New Orleans hotels

Elisângela began working with Ceciliano in 2011, the same year, Coaf had highlighted the beginning of atypical transactions. He receives R $ 7.7 000 per month, but the consultant has transferred $ 26.5 million R over a period of 6 years.

G1 contacted the state's representative, André Ceciliano, to question the decision to exonerate the employee. Ceciliano's team said the measure was intended to transform the firm's staff and that all counselors were exempt together.

"Each cabinet could appoint up to 63 positions.Today, in the legislature, there are up to 40. All counselors were exonerated on the 31st day.I n & # 39; I do not have the total number because the act of exemption was one, exonerating all at once I can not tell you how much every MP had and how much each one will rename within the limit of 40, informed the Ceciliano team.

Between May and November 2016, Elisangela received R $ 54,000 from car dealer Band do Vilar, which belongs to Federal Vice-Advisor Gelson Azevedo, an ally of Andre Ceciliano.

The report also quotes Elisangela's father, Benjamin Babiere, between May and November 2016, he processed more than R $ 2.2 million.

The document also shows other Band de Vilar's deposits were R $ 220,000 in 7 months Benjamin is retired and receives R $ 5,000 per month from INSS

In addition to his re, the husband of & # 39; Elisa Angela also included in the report. Carlos Alberto Dolavale is a server of Alerj and receives 4.9 thousand R $. But, according to the Coaf, more than $ 16 million has been transferred in six years.

By adding all the money, the report indicates that the Ceciliano-related trio processed nearly A $ 45 million between 2011 and 2017. The accounts of the father and husband of Elisangela are recorded in the same bank branch in Paracambi, Baixada Fluminense MP PT.

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