Diego says Rodrigo thinks he's always right: "And we're stupid" | bbb house

In the hall of BBB Diego talks to Hariany about the game of discord . Diego pointed out that Rodrigo was the least able to reach the final and continues to talk about his relationship with his brother. "I told him that he was a longtime player in the game, he still has an opinion already formed.It wanted to know the reason I said here live." "Do you know how I feel about him?" "Every time we talk, he's always right, and we're stupid, not like that, so I prefer not to say the word." The participant remembers the tour between Carolina and Alan and said it was excellent "When Hana left, he was lost." Hariany says his brother is silent: "I told him to take him on an apprenticeship."

Then the leader talks about Paula's comment, and Hariany says his sister is crazy, but that it was not heavy. "Diego says that it was in the national network and Hariany says that she spoke with a cheerful tone and that she remembers the speech of Tereza: "She called me introspectively and I was wrong."

  Diego says his brother thinks he's always right: "And we're idiots & # 39; - Photo: TV Globo   Diego says brother still thinks right, and we are stupid - Photo Diego Globo   BBB breakwater: Who do you want to get rid Alan, Diego or Isabella? "Title =" Paredão BBB: Who do you want to delete? See? / bath_for_for .s3.glbimg.com/v1/AUTH_e84042ef78cb4708aeebdf1c68c6cbd6 / internal_photos / 2019 / W / S / VJbJQRQfGS1yIJA62v2g / isabella-bbb19.p): format (protection article). / 1962 []</pre>
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