Break the Capital Day after OTGWG Brooks Orpik

The Capitals had a lot to celebrate with their overtime victory over the Carolina Hurricanes – and celebrated it. After Brooks Orpik After the winning goal, he was assaulted by all of his team.

According to Braden Holtby, the team is no more happy to see the goal scored, and it certainly shows in his response. Here is the breakdown of to play embrace.

The pile begins

Orpik started things at a pretty high level with this celly. He throws a metaphorical lasso on his teammates … or something.

The entire bench did not take long to get up, then on the ice, and then on Brooks Orpik.

The first to arrive are Christian Djoos, Nicklas Backstrom, TJ Oshie and Jakub Vrana.

Not everyone had a defense mentality at first: some players were forced to meet Braden Holtby who was on the way.


THIS! IS! SPARTA! a very enthusiastic group of professional athletes.

The amorphous spot of the Capitals' lineup went towards the goal of the Canes under the impulse of the impact of each subsequent player. Gout has a high surface tension and some players, even the biggest and as talented as Tom Wilson, have had trouble becoming one with it.

While the traditional goalie hug line has never been formed, Brooks Orpik would have deserved to be at the heart of the hug … oval. Especially with the bears of Nic Dowd and Tom Wilson, while Batya Stan Jakub Vrana noticed nearby, radiant.

Buh-bye now

As the Gordian knot of the overtime hug began to fall apart, Alex Ovechkin was blinded by the light his visor.

He did not have a long way to go. He was hanging out at the back of the group, other very talented players leaving the ice, and then Orpik, who had his stomach flayed and his face washed.

A very good hug for a very good goal, giving the Caps a 2-0 lead against the Canes.

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