BREAKING: New details released for Millennium Falcon – Smuggler's Run in Star Wars – Galaxy's Edge


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From Entertainment Weekly:

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will allow Disney visitors to roam the corridors and discover other memorable areas of the fastest ship in the galaxy. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens in the summer of 2019 at Disneyland Resort in California and in the fall of 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. (Joshua Sudock / Disney Parks)

The Millennium Falcon does not show up right away. He is waiting to be found.

Visitors to Disneyland and Walt Disney World will already be far from 14 acres Star warsthematic world of Galaxy's Edge – full of droid shops, shady canteens and clandestine lightsaber manufacturers – when they finally fall.

Turn a corner or climb a staircase and suddenly there it is. After all these years.

The life-size spaceship is the centerpiece of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Race This will finally give fans the chance to fly the fastest ship in the galaxy when the new park expansions open in Anaheim this summer and Orlando in the fall.

Weekly entertainment accompany you on the tour we received last week …

"What a piece of junk!"

You approach the same point of view as Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi when they saw for the first time the Han Solo and Chewbacca ring in 1977. Star wars. You'll be more impressed than they were, but it's still not the physically fit Falcon.

It is cluttered with blaster burns and its thrusters are out of breath. "It's a little less wear-resistant," says Asa Kalama, Imagineering's Creative Director who leads the tour. "You're going to hear the engines trying to turn around while they're trying to reactivate some of the systems."

From time to time, visitors will see a familiar "treadmill" on the roof or squatting under the chassis to oversee the restoration. "Battle damage is eliminated," says Scott Trowbridge, Imagineering's creative executive responsible for the entire territory.

At this point in the history of the Falcon, Han Solo is no longer here, but the Porg are. Chewie is associated with space pirate Weequay, Hondo Ohnaka, a charming villain of The clone war and The rebels animated shows, to finance the renovation of the Falcon while using it to smuggle throughout the galaxy.

The vessel is parked facing outboard with its engines flanking a curved loading dock embedded in the mountain that frames the outpost of Black Spire, the Casablancaas a crossroads where this chapter of the real world Star wars the story is set.

Inside this mountain is a navigation operation where visitors line up to get into the cockpit. As with everything in Galaxy's Edgeit's part of a story. You are not tourists lining up for a ride in an amusement park; you and your fellow guests register as independent smugglers for Ohnaka Transport Solutions.

Climb on board

Disney Park officials will not discuss how they intend to handle the crowd when Galaxy's Edge opens, but they explained how they planned to make the long wait for The smugglers' race more entertaining for visitors.

As the Indiana Jones tour that opened at Disneyland in 1995, the Millenium Falcon The line zigzags through the passages and storage rooms that serve as prologue to takeoff.

The line begins at the ground level curves at the back of the Falcon, allowing visitors to get a closer look from this perspective. From there, you climb a staircase that leads to walkways surrounding the mechanical shop where other ships and engines are being repaired.

Along the outer wall, there are narrow triangular windows with a close-up view of the radar parabola at the top of the Falcon. Visitors are likely to gather around them, sneak in for a snapshot and a photo, but …

At the next corner, the line curves along a series of bay windows offering a long unobstructed view of the Falcon's summit and the town of Black Spire Outpost.

Back in the depths of the shipping center, the Disney Play app on smartphones allows visitors to scan shipping crates, thus revealing the actual content of what Hondo Ohnaka is trying to do. send in the galaxy.

Soon you will enter the control room. Hondo Ohnaka stands on the bridge and is waiting to welcome you with his sales pitch.

Meet Hondo Ohnaka

"Hondo is a smuggler, sorry, a" coordinator of logistics and transport ". A perfectly faultless businessman, joked Trowbridge. "He has cargo to transport. He has ships to fly. Do not ask about the cargo, do not ask where he got the ships. "

The stranger with the spiked beard and turtle shell skin has a joyous disposition, despite a life of despair. The character that draws on you is an animatronic at the forefront of technology, with a dialogue delivered in his signature signature Russo / Caribbean accent. Winnie the Pooh Jim Cummings, voice actor, who played Hondo on the animated stage Star wars shows. (He was also the narrator of the book Lou Anders Pirate Award, which ends up bringing him from the Falcon to the outpost of Black Spire.)

"What Hondo would like to present is a very delicate operation, but we come to learn that it is more harmful than we think," Kalama said.

Light Spoiler – Using the Disney Play app to scan shipping crates along the queue will reveal that it uses blasters to help the Resistance. So, it is not bad.

"The Resistance gets the supplies they need and makes Hondo a very, very rich Weequay," says Trowbridge. "We will obviously share the profits with Hondo if we succeed in our mission. We will split it to 90/10 and wear it less 10%. All will eventually work out.

Ok … it's a little bad. At least as a boss. But he also has his charms.

"The opportunity to incorporate an animation character into real life was something we had never done before," says Carrie Beck, vice president of animation and live performance for the story group. from Lucasfilm. "But he did not see a moment you saw in the animation. It's actually a new moment in his life that you can live here in the park. "

While the Hondo animatronic evaluates the room filled with alleged smugglers, his assistant – the dirty astromech droid R5-28, calls the Falcon.

In the "windows" behind Hondo, which are in fact a video screen, you will see the Falcon rise from its place in the yard and descend further down into the mooring interior. (The Falcon on the outside never moves, of course, but that explains how you can access it from the attraction.)

The mission

The last moments of waiting can be as exciting as the journey itself. After consulting Hondo, customers will be driven on a jet bridge in a familiar place – the Falcon's "chess room", where C-3PO once advised: "Let the Wookiee win."

The famous "chess room" is one of the many places that Disney visitors will discover inside the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers race to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge before taking control of one of the three roles unique and critical aboard the fastest ship in the galaxy. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens in the summer of 2019 at Disneyland Resort in California and in the fall of 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. (Joshua Sudock / Disney Parks)

At this point, a flight group and a number have already been assigned to guests. Hondo and Chewie need two drivers, two gunners and two flight engineers for each course.

An operator will call the number of each group at the time of take-off. In the meantime, you are free to walk around the cabin.

Kalama says that this was done because Imagineers knew that fans would like to have time to explore this part of the ship and take unrestricted pictures.

Obviously, everything is a recreation, but after the immersive experience of Galaxy's Edge As a whole, and in the role play generated by waiting, it's easy to get carried away by emotion and attention to detail.

Many fans are going to walk in this space like Luke The last Jedi, remembering everything that once unfolded here. You are now part of the Falcon story.

Buckle the belt

the Smugglers race Ride has the quality of choosing your own adventure that allows your actions to determine the outcome of the mission.

"They really control the ship. It's a completely interactive experience, "says Trowbridge. "Yes [gunners] do not shoot and hit this TIE fighter, maybe you'll have shocks and damage on the ship, and then you'll have to repair it. "It's the job of the flight engineers, sitting at the back, who have to press buttons to extinguish fires or redirect the current." And if [pilots] do not fly properly to avoid this upcoming mountain, your ship will crash against this wall, "says Trowbridge. "You really control what's going on in your mission."

Will there be an allusion to L3-37, the Lando Calrissian's droid co-pilot, whose consciousness allied with the Falcon when fatally wounded Solo: A story of Star Wars?

"Uh, there are some interesting things to discover in the cockpit," Kalama answered enigmatically.

The mission itself was not operational enough to allow EW to turn around, but we did find that the Falcon was flying through a cavernous cistern, with a giant sprawling beast rushing into the tubes keeping the inner lake filled. Other than that, the details of the mission have yet to be revealed.

When the flight is over and you return to Batuu, you land on the same spot, and then descend into the basement of the expedition center for an exit to the outside. There you will see the parked Falcon where you left it.

Your reputation as a smuggler will accompany you however. The Disney Play app on your phone tracks your experience and transmits this information throughout Galaxy's Edge.

Go to the Oga Cantina for a Bespin Fizz after the flight, and the bartender could say something like, "Are not you part of the crew that destroyed the Falcon? Hondo is rather dissatisfied with you. "

You are not happy with your story? You can always change it.

All you have to do is go online and try again.

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