Breaking the trade of Kyle Korver – Jazz-Cavaliers


L & # 39; exchange

Cleveland returns Kyle Korver in Utah for Alec Burks and two future round two picks (2020 and 2021) by ESPN.

What it means for Utah

It's no secret why the Jazz jumped on Korver. By entering Wednesday night, the team placed 29th in the league with a percentage of goals scored 3 points, converting only 31.9% of his attempts behind the arc, way down 36.6%, they shot last season. The addition of Korver should immediately relieve one of the team's biggest problems.

Korver, 37, has had a strange season: he probably did not expect to stay in Cleveland for so long. The three-year contract he signed with the Cavaliers in 2017 was, in part, subordinate to LeBron James: It was understood that if the king left the team, Korver's departure would not be far behind. It would be bought or exchanged. It took 19 games for the exchange to happen, but both sides probably saw the writing on the wall after the start of their 0-6.

At the time of the contract with Utah, Korver scored 46.3% against the deepest, but also scored the average of the number of minutes (15.7) and attempts of 3 points (3.4) per game since his 2009-10 season in – you guessed it! . That year, he scored one career in three, achieving 53.6% of the vote, which the coaches and fans of Jazz would welcome. At his age, Korver does not even have time to defend his reputation, but it will be worthwhile to watch how Jazz coach Quin Snyder chooses to hide it in such a disappointing defense so far.

Once again, Jazz hopes that solutions to their early problems are minimal and can be found internally. A quarter of the season, the Jazz seems to be the team that has the most thought to do it. latest November. Nobody – with the exception of Donovan Mitchell, or perhaps the mother of Donovan Mitchell – could have imagined a rookie filling the hole left by Gordon Hayward in 2017-18. Utah has turned out to be a solid team built on what originally appeared to be a fragile ground. (Ironically, Hayward is not as exciting during his new digs.)

The offensive was a pleasant surprise for the Jazz last season, but it's now a dark spot. Mitchell, who missed two games before Wednesday's game against Brooklyn, leads the team with 21.1 points per game, but as an offensive jazz star, his difficulties inform him of the timing. whole team: the star of the second day of Utah draws 28.9% of deep, and 41.8% in total. Rudy Gobert (15.3 points per game) and Joe Ingles (12.8 points per game) are the next on the Jazz offensive hierarchy. It is positive to see that Gobert finishes well and scores at the highest level of his career. Ingles was only one bright spot on the perimeter, recording a shot of nearly 38.5% on 3 – but Gobert still does not stand the ground, and Ingles is the only Jazzman playing regular minutes and pulls over 35% deep. Korver should not override Ingles' contribution either, but he has made a career as an insulator, completing the box score and spacing the floor 24 feet from the wrist. This room will give Mitchell a better chance to get back into shape as soon as possible because he will have the freedom on the ground to do what he does best: a dribble meeting with the paint. Korver is constantly on the move trying to find his places. Other attacking vehicles will have to move faster to adapt to their roaming. For the better, this should help create passing lanes for Mitchell and Gobert.

If the experiment does not work, the Jazz is not necessarily locked in Korver. Although it has a $ 7.5 million contract next season before it expires, only $ 3.44 million is guaranteed, which means the front desk could retain the $ 4 million remaining by exonerating Korver before 7 July.

What does it mean for Cleveland

By returning Korver, Cleveland continues to eliminate former characters from the LeBron James era. The veteran guard, J.R. Smith, is now separated from the Cavs. With the exception of Kevin Love, who signed a new $ 120 million contract for the summer over four years, Cleveland appears to be ready for a fresh start.

Because they have no financial obligations to Burks beyond this season, his most valuable contribution to Cleveland could be to free up space. The eight-year-old career of this 27-year-old man has been marred by injuries, but his rare flashes of potential when he's healthy enough are enough to allow him to wonder if he could be a missing link in the rotation of a team (I may be guilty of having some pieces were centered on the Burks ancestry before it inevitably fell from the rotation of the Jazz). He did not seem to have a 100% health before last season, and even in this case, Burks was twice beaten by the rookies: first by Mitchell, then by the Royce wing-mate O'Neale.

It is doubtful whether Burks 'big comeback will take place in the Cavs' backyard, which is currently home to the guards who are preparing to fall (Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, George Hill) and Collin Sexton, who is possibly to be the only guardian to have the franchise. energy to worry about developing.

Nevertheless, Burks' best performances, such as the three-game double-digit games he had against Houston in the second round of the playoffs last season, will allow you to find Burks during a commercial break. Google will remind you that, oh yes, you knew this guy. And you will wonder why he did not do better for himself. Now, finally fired from Utah, he will have his chance.


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