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Breath of Nature 2 might suggest the return of Zant – Game Rant

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Nature 2 was certainly one of the most surprising announcements of the E3 2019, and he left Zelda fans are buzzing about the possibilities. Some think that the images in the trailer hint at a cooperation and a playable Zelda, while others go a step further, going up to play the trailer at the same time. back in search of clues. This method is the way a popular theory has started to go around, that the evil Zant of Twilight Princess will play a role in Breath of nature 2.

Zelda the fans played the music of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of Nature 2 trailer in reverse, discovering that some notes seem to play a role in the game compared to the theme of the original Zelda on the NDA. However, other notes seem to come from Zant's music in Twilight Princess, which some have referred to as his return to Breath of nature 2 in a certain capacity.

Listen to the music and compare:

The theory stems from a publication on Reddit by the user ReroFunk. ReroFunk offers the possibility that the zombified creature we see in the Breath of nature 2 the trailer is none other than Zant, or the hand that wakes the creature is Zant's. ReroFunk not only offers similar music as proof, but it also highlights the pose that the zombie creature takes in the trailer, which is a pose similar to that of Zant in Twilight Princess.

Beyond the possibility that Zant is in Breath of nature 2, ReroFunk noted other potential connections to Twilight Princess. The green light that appears in the trailer is reminiscent of the Twilight Realm. In addition, the trailer's marks look like visible symbols in Twilight Princess as well as.

Since we know so little about The legend of Zelda: BWild Plain 2 at this point, it is difficult to say whether this theory is accurate. However, it is difficult to deny the convincing nature of the evidence and it will be interesting to see if there are still more secrets hidden in the book. Breath of nature 2 trailer of the ad.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Nature 2 is in development exclusively for the switch.

Source: Reddit (via Inverse)

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