Breweries take a stand against sexism and pull out of national competition


"When I started reading excerpts, I just can not believe that people always think like that, we are in 2019," said Leah Black, spokesperson for Marble Brewery.

Marble Brewery planned to submit its Southside IPA to the national contest, but they will not do it anymore.

"Come, come in. We want inclusion and that's how we built this brewery," Black said.

Brewing News is one of the sponsors of the IPA Challenge. The co-owner of Brewing News, Bill Metzger, has caused indignation online after the publication of an article that he wrote online.

"Like most men, I struggle with my primitive self," began Metzger. "In the #MeToo era, the dilemma has grown.The pendulum has rocked too much.An aggressive movement and a man's career can derail."

He also added, "My instinct of sleeping with every woman I see is going from a king-size mattress to a cradle."

Metzger eventually called the article satire.

"It was really shocking that today, in this climate, somebody is saying that, and then it's a satire, you know, we do not buy it," Black said.

Black says that so many breweries have dropped out of the national competition, resulting in the cancellation of the IPA Challenge.

The owner of Tractor Brewery has posted on Facebook a message announcing his withdrawal from competition:

"I'm not a satire I'm not a talker I'm not an outlet for your primary needs I'm not here for your pleasure."

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