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April 20 has arrived, which means that Pokemon GO The Sentosa players, in the Singapore areas, are busy celebrating the new Safari Zone event by catching as many brilliant Shuckle as possible. Surprisingly, it seems that the weekend also includes the addition of a new seemingly available glow well beyond the designated Safari zone.

Many Reddit gamers around the world have shared screenshots suggesting that they have encountered brilliant Lapras copies from this morning. At this point, Niantic has not published any tweets confirming the release of brilliant Lapras around the world, but players around the world are trying to get one of the big purple monsters.

Lapras is a very popular Pokémon and soon after Pokemon GO release it was one of the most wanted creatures. The hype has since disappeared since most players have multiple copies (through events such as the Water Festival), but the release of a brilliant record could certainly be enough to bring back Generation 1 fans for the hunt for this beauty.


At this point, players who want to go out and try to find their own Lapras can start by following the Win 5 Gym Battles task. This is the fastest and most reliable way to trigger a meeting with Lapras. Then, log in to the local Pokemon Discord channel and determine which Stops currently have this task to win.

Make sure to check in the next few days for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news and updates. In the meantime, good luck there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in some areas on Android and iOS devices.

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