Britney Spears BF Publishes Montage Of Kisses During Her Treatment For Mental Health

Britney Spears

Boyfriend of Sam Postes Kiss Tribute

… in the middle of his treatment

13/04/2019 13:37 PDT

Britney Spears is in the thoughts of her boyfriend while she is receiving mental health treatment – and it looks like she's missing her head.

Sam Asghari posted a montage on PDA of him and Brit on Saturday, on the occasion of International Kissing Day. As you can imagine, they snapped up a bit in the extended clip.

There are a lot of nice moments here – Sam and Britney training together, being ridiculous in front of the camera and even dancing … which of course ends with a peck on the cheek.

It is clear that Sam is thinking about Britney – with whom he goes out with her since at least 2016 – while she is receiving treatment for her mental health … especially since she is not with him yet.

TMZ broke the story … Britney checked herself in a residence at the end of March, because she was incredibly upset by her father's persistent troubles after multiple procedures. She will stay there until the end of the month.

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, has undergone 2 surgeries to treat problems related to his intestines and his colon. Britney takes care of him while he is recovering … herself canceled his new residence in Vegas because of that. At the time, she apologized to her fans for explaining her decision.

It's good to know that she has Sam in her corner at home.

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