Britney Spears takes the time for me


"Crack to take care of yourself, your mind, your body, your mind," the singer said Wednesday on her official Instagram account.

CNN asked its representatives Thursday morning.

In January, she announced that she was retiring from her career because her father, Jamie Spears, was having health problems.

Britney Spears Announces an "Unattended Job Break" & # 39; because of his father's health problems

The singer "Toxic" was to start her residency "Domination" in Las Vegas the following month.

"I do not even know where to start because it's so hard to say I will not play my new show, Domination," she wrote on Instagram with a picture of her while she was a child with her parents. "I was looking forward to this show and I was seeing you all this year.It breaks my heart.However, it's important to always put your family first … and that's the decision I'm making. I had to take it. "

Spears wrote: "A few months ago, my father was hospitalized and almost died."

"We are all very grateful that he came out alive, but he still has a long way ahead of him," she writes. "I had to make the difficult decision to focus all my energy and energy on my family right now, I hope you can all understand."

According to a press release of the artist's representatives, Spears' father was hospitalized due to a spontaneous rupture of his colon and he was hospitalized for 28 days.

The mother of two sons shaved their heads in 2007, raising fears of a mental health crisis.

The following year. a Los Angeles court has appointed his conservative father of Spears affairs.

On Wednesday, the singer's boyfriend, personal trainer and model Sam Asghari, shared her post on Instagram and wrote a legend supporting Spears.

"This is not a weakness," he writes. "It's a sign of absolute strength, people should be inspired, at least me."

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