Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 episode 7 review: the honeypot


This review contains spoilers.

6.7 The honeypot

After some exceptional episodes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned this week to this year's conspiracy ground: Captain Holt's fight against Commissioner John Kelly. After closing the first floor of 99th At the beginning of the season, the conflict between Holt and Kelly has largely disappeared, leaving aside the occasional image of the overcrowded workspace. Fortunately, Brooklyn Nine-Nine manages its self-contained units with the same craftsmanship and care as in its slightly serialized tariff. So it's not a problem to spend time on the main screen, but it's nice to see it again.

If the title of the episode, The honeypot The episode centers on Holt and Peralta, who discover that a jar of honey was sent by John Kelly into the city walls to seduce Holt and embarrass him publicly. Always in the process of replacing Gina, Holt burns assistants who do not respect his ridiculous standards. Peralta volunteered to find Holt's new assistant on a mission he calls Operation N.A.S.T.Y. (New assistant selection team, you!) When he brings in Gordon Lunt (dead PoolKaran Soni), a young man as equal and formal as Holt, Peralta thinks he has found the ideal solution. Holt does not agree, feeling that Gordon is flirting with him because of, among other things, his Single Windsor tie knot.

I have written about it in the past, but the Peralta / Holt stories are always my favorites because they are a strange couple and Jake has been pushed more and more to be the right man to his behavior. irregular. Here, it looks like Holt is ridiculous, but once Peralta searched, he realizes that Gordon lied about his previous work experience on his resume and finally discovers a picture of him working in John Kelly's neighborhood. Peralta deduces that Gordon is a spy destined to retrieve the list of names that Holt gathers among the captains opposed to Kelly. And just like that, the operation D.R.A.G.O.N. (Do not reveal anything that Gordon's nemesis) is preparing.

Peralta tries to steal information from Gordon's computer when he is forced to check his bag while he and Holt go to a museum, but nothing has been found. But Gordon unexpectedly discovers that he is a spy, but he fell in love with Holt and refuses to follow Kelly's plan. Peralta insists that Holt uses Gordon as a double agent against Kelly and carries a cable during a meeting during which Kelly and he discuss the honeypop project, but Holt is hesitant, fearing that he will not turns against him.

Indeed, when Peralta and Holt send Gordon to the infiltration operation, he immediately reveals that he is carrying a wire. Kelly begins to gloat, knowing that evidence shows that Holt appears to have acted inappropriately against the commissioner, but Holt has a length in advance. After Kelly unveiled his master plan, Holt revealed that he had achieved a triple triptych, scratching the restaurant with microphones and cameras to capture Kelly's plot. It is a failure and, in his first moment of pressure against Kelly, Holt reopens the first floor of the 99th.

Parcel B works equally well because it finally focuses on the overcrowded workspace. When the clutter gets too big, the rest of the 99 recruits Amy helps them organize the floor. Of course, Amy goes far too far. She first directed Marie Kondo in order to inspire everyone to declutter, but when it does not work well enough, she adopts an extreme German system where everyone is forced to get rid of all their belongings except one . It's a ridiculous plot to highlight the weird and bizarre things that every employee accumulates, but ends up in a more serious area. Terry is reluctant to throw a pair of pretty suspenders he bought to celebrate his lieutenant exam, but since he did not pass the exam, he does not know why he has chosen it. I'm still joking that Terry does not have enough character work in the show, but it was like a last minute addition. Still, I guess it's something. Amy decides to replace the suspenders that she made him throw away and buys him study materials to encourage him to retake the exam.

With two solid intrigues directly involved in the main story of the season, it was an episode that was both fun and meaningful. It will be interesting to see if a new key is thrown into the Holt-Kelly feud now that Holt has the upper hand and if the show will eventually fill the position of Holt's assistant with a new character. With Rosa and Amy as the only regular women at this stage, it would be nice to have more female energy in the 99s.

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