Browns GM: OBJ's talent exceeds challenges


The upcoming Cleveland Browns were ready to do what the New York Giants could not do: risk the talent of Odell Beckham Jr. and hope his luggage does not weigh on the team.

"I know that Odell is very passionate," Browns general manager John Dorsey said during a conference call. "I know he's competitive, I know he can help this football team and if you have a chance to acquire a guy like that, you know what, try your luck." We have acquired it. "

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Beckham was traded to the Browns with defensive lineman Olivier Vernon against safety Jabrill Peppers, goaltender Kevin Zeitler and first and third round picks in this year's draft. The deal sent shockwaves into the NFL, while the Giants dropped out of one of the league's most talented players.

"We all understand the extent of his ability to play football," said Dorsey.

Despite the fact that he had been awarded a $ 90 million five-year contract in Beckham last August, claiming that they had not signed it to negotiate, the Giants had acted in that way by considerable money. Beckham had not been a polarizing figure for years. There was Beckham's video of Paris lying on a bed with a woman, a pizza and suspicious substances. Beckham interviewed quarterback Eli Manning. There were upheavals on the sideline, especially when Beckham entered a wrestling match with the kicker's training net.

Beckham jokingly tweeted about all the talk about his reputation on Thursday.

Dorsey said that Freddie Kitchens' direct approach will help manage Beckham and the many other influential personalities of the Browns. He recognizes that quarterback Baker Mayfield will be responsible for bringing everything together in the field.

"I think with Baker, he showed last year that he could meet some challenges," Dorsey said. "And again, the purpose of this thing is to surround it with as many good football players as possible."

For Dorsey, Adam Henry coaches receiver Brown. Henry had the same job at LSU when Beckham and Jarvis Landry were teammates. Henry also coached Beckham in New York in 2016. Joining a team with Landry "will only help" both players, Dorsey said. "I know they're the best friends in the world," said Dorsey about Landry and Beckham. "They are very competitive with each other, I've heard The Miles talk about how these two would behave and push each other to the LSU to compete, athlete, regardless of the sport."

Dorsey joked (seriously) that the only excitement he felt on the night of the trade was to go home and see his son and daughter before going to bed. But he is aware that the trade has raised high expectations for the Browns, who have had a winless season as recently as 2017.

"Expectations, I hear a lot about that," Dorsey said. "But I know this: the good football teams are winning in the fall, and what we have done is that we have added talent, and now the chemistry part has to take over."

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