Bruce Bochy says Steven Duggar will be seen as the Giants' striker


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – Another day, another addition.

This time it is Yangervis Solarte, and the former Inner Padres and Blue Jays player has a good chance to make the lineup. This is my story this morning about Solarte, who has yet to take his physical exam.

Solarte and Bruce Bochy spoke on the phone yesterday and the manager is excited by this addition. He said Solarte would play primarily in second and third place, but Bochy enjoyed what he saw from him in San Diego and this phone conversation included discussions about playing the ground left.

Solarte even told the Giants that he would agree with the center, but that did not happen.

"We are excited to have it," Bochy said. "We have seen a lot in San Diego. A good player can play a lot of positions, a switch-hitter. He is a beautiful addition. "

Here are some other observations from day 3:

New Leadoff Hitter?

Steven Duggar (shoulder) and Ryder Jones (knee) trained on the field for the first time since surgery. Both looked good and should not face too many restrictions this spring.

As Bochy watched Duggar, he found himself thinking about the training. He said that he hoped to have Duggar among the top two places.

"You look at the top of the order. That's the first thing you think, "said Bochy. "How it goes and how they play will dictate that, but I think he's a good hitter in mind."

Jersey Crunch

The Giants have pulled out so many numbers and have so many players in the camp that they are running out of numbers. Trevor Gott, who has extensive league experience, is currently number 91. And when the Giants signed a tide of veterans over the past week, familiar numbers have been given.

Gerardo Parra will carry the number 8, formerly the Hunter Pence number, and Rene Rivera will wear Matt Cain's 18-year-old if he is on the list. The clubhouse staff agonized because of it all, like a lot of fans, but there was no other way. The only low numbers that remain are 5 and 22.

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Parra wore 8 with the Rockies and Rivera wore mostly 44, which is obviously not an option here.

Do not mess with Bumgarner

It is the essential that reminded us today. Maybe he imagined Yasiel Puig would arrive?

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