Bryce and Manny have signed … so what free agents are still available?


It's finally here! A little over a week after Manny Machado's signing with the San Diego Padres, Bryce Harper will head to the Philadelphia Phillies. If your team has missed the two most coveted stars of the winter, there is still hope of a late splash, but the pool of available players is becoming scarce fast.


Dallas Keuchel (3.3 WAR): It's easy to understand why analytics departments would say Keuchel is a bad $ 100 million risk, if that's what he's expecting. He does not throw hard, he is 31 years old, the stopping rate is not good and he had shoulder problems in 2016 and a neck problem in 2017. However, this is the kind of bulldog that you would like to have with I consider him as Mark Buehrle, as a guy who will continue to remain effective until the age of 30.

There were other huge offers, but mutual commitment made the difference for Bryce Harper and the Phillies. Jeff Passan

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Craig Kimbrel (1.7 GU): At this point, you have to wonder if Kimbrel's best chance of winning a big contract over several years is if someone gets hurt during spring training. The Red Sox are ready to go ahead. Dave Dombrowski and team president Tom Werner say his return has been extremely unlikely in recent days. His success last October did not help, regardless of his career as one of the biggest farmers of all time.


Gio Gonzalez (1.8 WAR): He still plans to be an average starter in the league, although his rate of progress has been reduced to an unacceptable limit and his exit rate has decreased. Its history of sustainability should be considered as an advantage. Oakland still feels like a possible destination. Or, how about San Diego, which is a cheaper alternative than Keuchel, where there would be someone who could keep a rotating position for a season until some of the kids are ready? .

Denard Span (0.8 WAR): Span has just finished a strong 1.9-WAR season, even though he was under the replacement level in 2017, when the Giants played him in the middle of the field and that's why he was in the middle. he was a defender. Basically, you are looking for a second division player or a fourth player of a good team. Maybe a return to San Francisco to play the left field. Unless they really believe in their "kids".

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Adam Jones (0.6 WAR): This projection explains why Jones did not spark much interest. The defense clearly no longer plays in the center of the field, the OBP has always been weak and the power has dropped to just 15 circuits. He could probably help somebody – like the Indians – as a platoon leader, but you do not want to give $ 10 million.

Carlos Gonzalez (0.3 WAR): Meh. Players can complain that the owners have screwed up, but Gonzalez is worth 0.2 combined war over the last two seasons. Look, he was really a good player at his peak, but he can not hit left-handed, he had an OPS lower than .700 on the road last year, and his defense is average at best and maybe worst. This would be a good veteran hitter / role player, but this player does not exist anymore. Really, these sticks of 13 men are what hurt most of these veterans more than a deep conspiracy to not pay them. Gonzalez will land somewhere and it would not be shocking if he had a good season, but I would not pay too much to know it.


Martin Maldonado (0.7 WAR): A good defensive catcher who can not hit, but if Jeff Mathis can get a two-year contract worth $ 6.25 million, Maldonado should be able to get a similar result.

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Logan Morrison (1.0 WAR): He crashed 38 circuits for the Rays in 2017 and the Twins seemed to convince him to make a good deal, with a one – year contract. Instead, he fought the wounds and hit .186. It was not as good in 2015 and 2016. It would not shock me if he played his last game in the middle.

Carlos Gomez (0.3 WAR): Fought the Rays with a .208 / .298 / .336 line, but had a WAR season of 1.7 with the Rangers in 2017. He is now 33 and a better defender on the right and in the middle some baggage, which is one of the reasons he has played for four teams in the last four seasons. Again, players can cry about freezing free players, but I see no reason to pay Gomez $ 5 million while there are few benefits and that one young player can provide the same production for the minimum of the league. This is the simple reality for many of these guys.

Evan Gattis (1.1 WAR): Again, there will not be much demand for a DH coming from an OBP of .284, even though he scored 25 homers in 407 shots at the bat. He scored only four innings last year, but he could apparently still be a catcher or third string catcher. Another type of player whose list has been occupied by additional people.


Among the unsigned ones are Ryan Madson (who said he could spend the season), Tony Sipp, Adam Warren, Jim Johnson and Nick Vincent. To have your arm, will travel. Any of these guys could help a team in 2019 or publish a 5.50 ERA. They are relievers.

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