Bryce Harper's sirens go off


It feels close. And on February 17, with spring training stopped and run, it's better to be.

Bryce Harper, still unsigned, may no longer be a free agent for a long time. Rumors are reporting an increasingly imminent deal, every day that passes without the perennial All-Star star breaking to be more ridiculous.

Jon Heyman of the MLB Network called Harper's draw for "Intensified" and warms on Sunday. A day earlier, Jim Bowden, an MLB insider, said Harper was signing a "big push" to sign a contract with the Phillies. And Friday, Chris Russell, of 106.7%, said that the fan in Washington had told Harper where he wanted to play (without the useful report of this particular place, though).

Heyman said the winning deal was a long-term contract, which would seem to deprive the Giants of the race. Philadelphia has been the favorite, Washington is hiding and the White Sox and San Diego are also at the rendezvous.

Meanwhile, everything is calm with the other superstar who does not wear the uniform. Manny Machado recently met the Padres a second time and the White Sox reserve him a place in their locker room. The Yankees seem to have withdrawn from the race for the standout field player.

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