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BSEE takes stock of Gulf evacuations

Federal officials have updated evacuations in the Gulf.

According to the Office of Security and Environmental Protection, at 11:30 am on Saturday, personnel were evacuated from a total of 283 production platforms, or 42.3% of the 669 inhabited platforms. of the Gulf of Mexico. Production platforms are offshore structures from which oil and natural gas are produced. Unlike rigs, which generally move from one location to another, production facilities remain in the same location for the duration of the project.

Personnel have been evacuated from 10 platforms (non-dynamic positioning DP platforms), representing 47.6% of the 21 platforms of this type currently operating in the Gulf. Drilling rigs may include several types of offshore drilling rigs, including jackup platforms, platform platforms, all submarines and semi-submersibles moored .

As a precaution, six DP platforms have left the trajectory of the storm. This number represents 30% of the 20 DP platforms currently operating in the Gulf. DP platforms retain their location when operating wells using thrusters and propellers. The platforms are not moored at the bottom of the sea; therefore, they can leave their location in a relatively short time. The staff remain on board and return to the scene once the storm has passed.

As part of the evacuation process, the staff activates the applicable closure procedures, which can often be performed remotely. This involves closing underground safety valves located under the surface of the ocean floor to prevent the release of oil or gas. The closure of oil and gas production is a standard procedure conducted by the industry for safety and environmental reasons.

According to operator reports, BSEE estimates that about 69.97% of current oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has been closed, which corresponds to 1,332,359 barrels of oil per day. It is also estimated that about 55.56% of natural gas production, or 1,544.59 million cubic feet per day in the Gulf of Mexico, has been blocked. Percentages of production are calculated using the information provided by offshore operators in daily reports. The production stop information included in these reports is based on the amount of oil and gas that the operator had to produce that day. Stopped production figures are therefore estimates, which BSEE compares with historical production reports to ensure that estimates follow a logical pattern.

Once the storm is over, the facilities will be inspected. Once all standard controls are complete, the production of undamaged facilities will be immediately reactivated. Damaged installations may take longer to come back online. BSEE will continue to update the evacuation and closure statistics at 13:00. CDT every day as needed.

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