BTS Rules Table of the best live Facebook videos of October

The clip governs the tally in one of its four component measures – reactions (252,000) – and also ranks highest in views in its first seven days (746,000), comments (38,000), and shares (11,000). ), which earned him No. 1. 1 place.

Filipino rockers Sponge Cola follow BTS at No.2 with a live performance on October 30, with the group dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween.

The 72-minute performance had the most views in its first seven days of any live stream uploaded by a musician to Facebook in October 2020, with 823,000 views, and it was also the most commented (75,000) and the most more shared (24,000); however, his reactions totaled just 36,000, which helped BTS take the lead in the overall standings.

Two more Sponge Cola music videos hit the October 2020 list at numbers 4 and 6.

See the full top 10 below.

10. MC Davo

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