Buddies John Mulaney, Pete Davidson and Jimmy Fallon are terrible at guessing their secrets


Pete Davidson, Jimmy Fallon and John Mulaney
Screen Capture: The Tonight Show

With old SNL John Mulaney, writer and stand-up star, will present this weekend Saturday Night Liveold SNL Jimmy Fallon, star and current provider of gigantic late-night board games, says to himself, "Well, since he's in the building. . . , And booked Mulanay for Thursday Tonight's show. And since Mulaney is feeling and celebrating with the current SNL star and lovable public show Pete Davidson – presumably also wandering in the 30 Rock Halls – Fallon invited the duo to go for a game of true confessions. After an exceedingly long time explaining the rules ("Yeah, I should have read the emails," Davidson confesses), each of the three comics reads in turn, reading in turn, a fact that telling the truth, leaving the other two for a minute to try to unearth the truth. You get it.

Like all those who have followed the online evidence of Mulaney's and Davidson's often button-less friendship, the unlikely partnership of the actors is real and affectionate. (Mulaney jokes saying that, walking down the street, they look like "an NBA coach and troubled rookie.") In the sit-down interview after the shenanigans, Mulaney happily shared the Instagram post showing Mulaney and Davidson exchanging signature wardrobes, and A ridiculous article whose title asked: "Who is John Mulaney, the friend of Pete Davidson?" (Dude just won an Emmy, a pop culture site that does not do his research, come on, son.) Still, both of them had to think. difficult to know if one of their neighbors was arrested by the FBI because he was cannibal, or if the other went on vacation with particularly compelling people. SNL Lorne Michaels, his boss, in Jamaica at the age of 20. (Both of them understood quite quickly that Fallon's story of waking up in a hotel room in Nashville after starting the night drinking with a country music star in New York was the realm of the possible.)

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