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The left-wing notes have blocked Dion Dawkins' attack, unable to identify his favorite "guilty pleasure" Christmas song.

So Josh Allen came up with a suggestion.

"Is it Mariah Carey," All I want for Christmas, is it you? "Allen asked pulling bursts of laughter from the crowd.

Allen's teammates and coaches talked about his ability to lead a group, and about 100 Bill fans had a glimpse of the rookie quarter's ability to order a room when Allen and Dawkins attended a "press conference" Monday night at Dos Amigos the lake at Blasdell.

It has been suggested that Allen sings a Mariah Carey song at karaoke one night as part of the rookie's initiation.

"Do not give them ideas!" He said.

Allen and Dawkins answered a handful of questions over 20 minutes before posing for photos a day after the Bills defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-21 at New Era Field.

The quarterback congratulated Bills fans as the best role to play in Buffalo.

"They show up at every game. They do it, "Allen said. "And (Sunday), if you came without knowing football or knowing the records, you would have thought we had the best record in the league because we had a party. If it was not complete, it was pretty tight. The noise was great. It counted for some false starts, a few late matches, and it really helps a team.

"It reinforces our self-confidence, so we thank you, and you may not know it, but you're a huge key to our home wins, because it's a hard place to play and the teams They do not want to come here in the cold, and then they have to deal with the Mafia Bills in the stands, too. "

Allen pointed out that the offensive line did not allow a bag against the Jaguars, beckoning to Dawkins, arousing more and more cheers from the crowd.

He paid tribute to the Jaguars defense, entered the third-ranked game in the NFL in authorized yards, and quoted a handful of their best players, including cornerback Jalen Ramsey, whose name shot the crazy.

"Yes, yes," said Allen.

It was clear that he was comfortable and amused.

Someone asked if his arm was better, considering that he had missed the previous four matches with a strained elbow straight.

"What do you think?" Allen asked, and the crowd responded with a cheer.

"That's it, that's it. I appreciate you asking me, said Allen. "My elbow is a lot better. I'm just happy to get back on the field playing with my guys. It was a special day (Sunday). "

Since Allen led the team on Sunday against the Jaguars, setting a quarterback record with 99 yards and 13 touchdowns, 13 fans jokingly asked whether LeSean McCoy had any reason to be nervous or worried.

"It's a great question. Give it to him, said Allen. "If you knew Shady as we know, he has no worries. He has no worries at all. Shady is the man. It was the vet who took me under his wing. It is awesome. Dawk and I love this guy. He works extremely hard. It's a good question. I'm going to make sure to give him some drama about that too.

Allen was asked how he feels about being already called the "franchise quarterback" of this team.

"Listen, I love Buffalo. I'm doing it already, "Allen said. "I am so grateful and so happy to be here. This is my type of city, my type of city. I'm just grateful to play with these guys, my teammates, my coaches. Coach (Sean) McDermott really put us on the right track. And I really try to take it one day at a time. All I want is to win football games, and that's it. I do not care about ugliness, about its beauty. If we win football games, that's what makes me happiest, and doing it with these guys makes it even more enjoyable. Thank you."

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