Bulls goaltender Kris Dunn finally wins his minutes at the end of the match

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Coach Jim Boylen swears it's not premeditated.

The most responsible person of the playmaker Kris Dunn is Dunn.

"It's not, no, sir," Boylen said on Wednesday as to whether Dunn's minutes at the end of the match were predetermined. "Well, I think it's a sensation. What's going on, what's it like? Sometimes he is in the game [late]not because of the offensive, but because of the defense, and there is a confrontation with which I think he is good, he can work, because I think he is one of our best players on the ball. So that's part of it. To identify a question or a problem, which would have brought it or not, is a little difficult for me. It's a bit of a sensation. ''

So, what impression did the Bulls 109-107 win against the Grizzlies?

Dunn started the fourth quarter and made sure to finish it. It was a big step for someone who spent most of the season under the microscope.

The Bulls have been looking for free players as leaders, and in two recent games, Boylen looked at the reserve, Ryan Arcidiacono, in place of Dunn, while Zach LaVine dealt with most leadership tasks.

Boylen had even admitted before the match that he was placing Dunn in fewer pick-and-roll situations, especially with the first unit.

This is a big change from the way former coach Fred Hoiberg used Dunn, especially last season when he tackled Dunn and Lauri Markkanen successfully after a winning streak in December.

"He is in transition further from the ball, running at the corner or at the crack," Boylen said of Dunn's new job description. "It's an adjustment for him, as for all our guys. One of the hardest things I had to train – not because guys do not want to do it but rather because they were not used to it – is to force them to run when they do not. do not have the ball. And Kris is used to having the ball. "

He was bringing the ball late against the Grizzlies, at least at the beginning of the offense, but that does not mean he should be comfortable.

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It's still a game to another for Dunn, who missed Monday's loss to the Bucks with a headache. But retaining Mike Conley 7: 21 in the field was a good way to argue his case.

Boylen was impressed by the fact that Dunn did not express his dissatisfaction with his changing role.

"It's a guy yes, no, sir," Boylen said. "I just checked with him before the match:" How did you come across a shoot session? How was your nap? How are you? He said, "Well, good. I am ready to leave. He is great like that. I can not ask for more than that. "

Almost lost in all the talk at Dunn is that the Bulls (17-45) have won four of their last five games, including two against the endangered Grizzlies.

And while it was the usual suspects – LaVine scored 30, and Markkanen had 22 points and 10 rebounds – Boylen said the last two quarters were Dunn's "best semester". "

"I'm just doing what I'm doing," said Dunn. "Go ahead, play hard, keep it, get my guys involved, and be aggressive when I can.

"Just be that dog. Just go there and do what I do. "

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