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– "Bunch of Jerk" has become the new rallying cry for the Carolina Hurricanes.

The legendary host of the "Hockey Night in Canada," Don Cherry, went to the Canes and celebrated their post-game win on Saturday, calling them unprofessional.

"It's the National Hockey League. [Rod] Brind's Love, for me, is a good coach. These guys are jerking, "said Cherry. I will tell you something. They should not do it in the playoffs. "

Cherry was so angry that he sometimes had trouble finishing a thought before his anger took him elsewhere.

"It's a joke.The rest of the guys, young men who are expressing themselves to have the joy of winning.Do not do that, it's professional hockey.What's what's it like these guys, those idiots or something? " he was unleashed.

The Canes began performing choreographed routines after home wins earlier this season, such as being knocked down by helmets like a bunch of bowling pins, hitting a winning circuit or running to the end of the rink.

"I know what I'm talking about, you never do anything like that, they still do not draw [crowds]. As far as I'm concerned, they are assholes. Imagine Justin Williams doing things like that – ridiculous, "said Cherry.

The Canes took the criticism for a marketing opportunity, selling "Bunch of Jerks" t-shirts later this week.

"Our players love it, our fans love it, nothing else matters," the club tweeted.


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