Bungie reveals how the new power level will work in Destiny 2: Black Armory


In this week's blog, Bungie revealed how players will be able to reach the 650 power level when Destiny 2: Black Armory arrives next week. This will increase the current power level by 50 points, giving Destiny's most dedicated players a new goal.

To win items of power greater than 600, players must simply possess Abandoned, not the annual pass and Black Armory. However, Black Armory and other annual passport extensions will offer new activities and quests that will give players more opportunities each week to increase their power level in the game.

To increase the power gain to the lowest levels, players who have even less power 550 will have more chances to win first engrams – drops of random objects with high power. Power 500 players will still be able to increase their power gain with all the declines in the world, but the soft cape will remain at 500 for all others, which means these blue weapons and armor will no longer be useful beyond this point. .

For players looking for a new goal, the next Scourge of the Past raid, exclusive to Black Armory players – will be released with a recommended power level of 640. To achieve this goal, players can continue to do all the activities offered in Destiny 2: Abandoned – like the Last Wish Raid – as well as the powerful new options available in Black Armory.

destiny 2: Black Armory will be made available for Destiny 2 Holders of the annual pass on December 4th.


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