Burger King accused of "inciting violence" against Farage by selling milkshakes


Police feared that Nigel Farage would be targeted (photo: Getty)

Burger King has been accused of taking on the violence after reminding Scottish customers that he "sells milkshakes all weekend."

The fast-food giant shared a post with the "Scottish people", apparently in response to McDonald's decision to stop sales of ice cream and milkshakes near the Nigel Farage rally in Edinburgh on Friday.

McDonald's said the police had asked them to stop selling them after other candidates in the European elections were targeted by protesters.

"Dear people of Scotland. We sell milkshakes all weekend. Have fun, "tweeted Burger King, with the #justsaying hashtag.

They were quickly accused of "inciting violence" against Farage and other right-wing personalities, including former EDL party leader Tommy Robinson, who was hit by two milkshakes earlier this month.

Did Burger King approve violence against Farage? (Photo: Twitter)

Angry customers have criticized Burger King for posting on social media.

"Hello Burger King, may I come and throw milk shake on your staff, please?" Asked sarcastically.

Another added, "It's very progressive on your part in helping and encouraging violence against those with political opinions you do not agree with, it will take me somewhere else."

One of the authors suggested that Burger King had "lost 17 million customers" in one fell swoop, referring to the majority of Britons who voted in favor of leaving the European Union in 2016.

Burger King responded to the criticism by stating, "We would never approve the violence or the waste of our delicious milkshakes!

"So enjoy the weekend and drink people responsibly."

Burger King has not impressed his clients (photo: Facebook)

A sign appeared in a McDonald's restaurant informing customers that it "will not sell milkshakes or ice cream" due to a "police request" after Nigel Farage arrives at a nearby location.

Scott MacDonald, an online coordinator of the Scottish Socialist Party, posted a photo of the McDonald's outside sign on Twitter.

He said it was in "McDonald's next to the Farage demo. Someone clearly has the wind.

A spokesman for McDonald's confirmed that he had been asked to discontinue the sale of his Milkshake and McFlurry products, as the Edinburgh police feared that protesters would target the Brexit leader who spoke in front of the Corn Exchange.

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