Buy a waterproof and refurbished Kindle Oasis for $ 100 at Woot


If you’re currently looking for a Kindle e-reader to buy, the best bang for your buck is the Kindle Oasis. Normally that would not be the case, as they cost $ 250 new, but Woot has the 2018 version (the previous generation) available remanufactured starting at $ 100. That price will give you the 8GB version with Wi-Fi support. However, if you want 32GB of storage and cellular connectivity, the lift model costs $ 140, which isn’t a bad price. Currently, Woot has both models’ graphite color in “very good” condition, and they are covered by a 90 day warranty.

As to why you might want the Oasis over the Paperwhite, it has a higher resolution screen (but the same pixel density as the Paperwhite), and it has more front LEDs that give the screen a more naturally lit appearance. In terms of design, the Oasis could have the advantage due to its side handle with a few tactile buttons. My colleague Chaim Gartenberg says that they give the Oasis the impression of holding a real book.

Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader (refurbished, previous generation)

Price taken at time of publication.

The Oasis was Amazon’s first waterproof Kindle e-reader. While the latest version costs $ 250 new, you can save a lot of money (without giving up a lot of specs) by getting a refurbished unit from the previous generation.

Another solid business going on at Woot is the Beats Solo Pro wireless earbuds which have active noise cancellation. We’re including them here today, as they’ve dropped an additional $ 5 below the best price yet. You can get the light blue color for $ 145, while the others available are $ 150. These are the best on-ear headphones from Beats to date, although people who aren’t entangled in the Apple ecosystem may want to know ahead of time that they’re charging through Lightning. If you have an iPhone or iPad, no adjustments will be necessary.

Beats Solo Pro

Price taken at time of publication.

Our top pick for the best noise canceling on-ear headphones. The Beats Solo Pro is ideal if you need durable headphones while you work out.

Apple’s latest MacBook Air with its M1 processor is $ 50 off at Best Buy and Amazon. It’s not a huge drop in price, but it’s less than what Apple charges for the same model. This laptop has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. For the price, you will get fantastic performance.

Apple MacBook Air with M1

Price taken at time of publication.

The Apple MacBook Air is the entry-level laptop with Apple’s new custom silicon called M1. It comes with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage and does not have a fan.

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