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Buy Low on Sony Michel and others

FOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS – DECEMBER 23: Sony Michel, # 26 of the New England Patriots, runs the ball during the Buffalo Bills game at Gillette Stadium on December 23, 2018 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

The first week of the NFL season is in the books and now is the time to figure out which fantasy football players buy down. During the first week, new stars were born, players were injured and familiar faces shone. Those who play fantastic football have finally had the chance to see the players they recruited in action. Some worked as expected. Others were huge disappointments. While the first week is a sign of what will happen to some players, it turns out to be an anomaly of others. However, this is a good time to take advantage of the panic of some team members, who overreact to the poor performance of the player. Sony Michel and Miles Sanders are two halves to watch. Stefon Diggs and Mark Andrews are some players to look at at other positions.

Here are some fantasy football players to buy down before they become more expensive or completely unavailable.

Fantasy Football: Buy Low on Sony Michel and others

Sony Michel

The first week was an interesting week for the halves. Most have either blown up the stats sheet or set up putrid performances. Sony Michel was one of these. The second-year runner for the New England Patriots just could not face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. He managed only 14 yards in 15 attempts.

The other two patriots had better nights. Handyman James White had more than 75 scrum yards on nine hits. Rex Burkhead was the biggest surprise of the three, getting 13 hits and turning them into 85 yards total. These figures are extremely worrying for Michel, who is not so involved in the passing game.

Yet Michel had more contacts than the other two. He could not get anything with them. But the production was there with Michel, and it was reassuring to see that he was still touched by the other backs, even without taking the ball. Volume is king in fantasy and Michel will bounce back. Players needing a half-race should seek to catch other players.

For fantastic players with extra wide receivers in their list, it may not be a bad idea to give them one. But, Michel being ranked at the top of drafts fantasy, a contract may work better. Try to offer a marginal starter to the wide catcher and middle distance, and see if a competitor bites the bait.

Miles Sanders

Miles Sanders may be a bit more difficult to get. Those who drafted it probably did not expect him to do much for the first part of the season. This means that a poor performance in the first week may not be enough to deter some people from keeping it longer. Still, the purchase period will end very quickly with the talented rookie Philadelphia Eagles.

Sanders' statistics for the first week are very disappointing. He had 11 races that he transformed into just 25 meters. He added another catch for two yards as well. But he also had a 21-yard touchdown recalled due to a call waiting. Then he was stuffed twice at the goal line. However, the fact that he even had some litters on the goal line was an encouraging sign for his future worth.

Find out who has Sanders in the leagues. See who their other half are. For those who had Joe Mixonwho was injured, they might need an entrance now. A good deal could be to offer an established start and get a two for one contract with a wide receiver and Sanders. Or maybe you are looking for someone who needs a wide receiver. Antonio Brown Homeowners can be impatient and ready to sacrifice Sanders for the benefit of someone they can fit into their starting lineup.

Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs of the Minnesota Vikings is another player who probably has fantastic antics. Diggs saw only two targets last week, turning them into 37 meters. However, it was a week when the quarterback Kirk Cousins thrown only ten passes.

We do a lot of the first Viking offense. Of course, it is likely that this will continue and there are legitimate fears that the ceiling for all pass holders for Minnesota will be lower than most forecasts. But to expect the Cousins ​​to be able to launch this number of passes week after week is ridiculous.

Last season, the Seattle Seahawks were the heaviest offensive of the NFL, but Russell Wilson still averages 27 passes per game. In fact, one would have to go back up in 2012 to find a team that was trying to reduce the number of passes per game, and it was still the Seahawks. It was Wilson's rookie season when the team had Marshawn Lynch at its peak.

The facts are that Diggs is still a very talented wide receiver in this league that will have ample opportunity to produce throughout the season. At present, he still has a nominative value, so some will hesitate, but another week of low volume for him, and he could be paid cheaply.

Or, the first week could turn into an anomaly. The cousins ​​and the company could start throwing it almost 38 times per game and the "buy-low" window could close for Diggs. It's time to act now to negotiate a deal for him.

Mark Andrews

After his breakout match the first week of the season, Mark Andrews' trendy train quickly reaches maximum capacity. Andrews caused a sensation in the fantastic circles and the Baltimore Ravens camp was out of season. And all he did was explode for over 100 yards in the receiving end and a touchdown. It was a week when some tight ends gave good results, but Andrews still finished in TE3.

The way to get Andrews will be to find someone who has fallen on him. It may be the guy who has self-written and who really does not know who he is. If someone started Jimmy Graham, they will probably separate from Andrews if they are offered another big name after its climax. Tell them that Adrian Peterson starts this week and they could do a live exchange.

But for more serious footballers, Andrews could cost a bit more. Push the fact that the Ravens' offense was eliminated against the worst team in the league. Try to get the other person to make an offer first to determine what they value for Andrews. But strike now because Andrews is this year George Kittle. This shopping window will not open long.

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