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"Cadence of Hyrule": here's what you need to know about the new edition of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda

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"Cadence of Hyrule" is a rhythm-based dungeon crawler featuring characters and elements from "The Legend of Zelda".

SALT LAKE CITY – "Cadence of Hyrule" is not just a musical tribute to the classic "The Legend of Zelda", it's also the first Nintendo game created by an independent developer.

According to "International Business Times," "Cadence of Hyrule" is a rhythm-based game, which means that players must restart the game from the beginning if they are defeated, with the exception of overall progress and upgrades that help improve survival. It is currently available in digital form for Nintendo Switch for $ 24.99, depending on the Nintendo eShop store page of the game.

Who made the game?

The game is developed by Brace Yourself Games, the studio behind "Crypt of the NecroDancer". In an interview with IGN, Brace Yourself Games founder Ryan Clark said the company initially contacted Nintendo to propose a "Zelda" inspired DLC for "Crypt of the Necrodans."

Instead, Nintendo wanted Clark and his team to create a new game using elements from their fantasy series.

"Nintendo was extremely interested in this prospect and, before we knew it, we were working on a brand new title, combining" NecroDancer "with" The Legend of Zelda "," said Clark.

Kirk Scott, editor-developer relationship manager at Nintendo of America, said Nintendo's Japanese team was willing to work with other developers, if it suited him. "When you look at a case like" Cadence of Hyrule ", there are special cases in which our team in Japan sees the content and the titles with which they want to work," he said.

What is the game about?

"Cadence of Hyrule" sees a magician of music grabbing from Hyrule Castle and plunging Link and Princess Zelda into an enchanted sleep. Players can choose to wake up one or the other of the characters at the beginning of the game and are then tasked with defeating four headmen in order to collect magical instruments to save the realm.

Polygon notes that the gameplay is set to music remixes of the "Zelda" series, and that players are supposed to move and attack their enemies to the rhythm of the current song. Nintendo also introduced the game during its presentation on E3 Nintendo Treehouse Live, which you can see on YouTube.

Is it fun?

Yes. After spending several hours with the game, I enjoyed rhythm-based action, which often looks like a puzzle. The open world is full of enemies, secrets and challenges similar to those of most other games of "The Legend of Zelda", with simplified mechanics.

Maintaining the pace of the game is also quite appealing – a bar at the bottom of the screen blinks to the rhythm of the music, which facilitates the temporal movements in combat. The enemies are automatically attacked by Link or Zelda, which means that the fight is more focused on the spacing and control of the movements of each monster.

Some of the game's enemies and bosses may also be difficult to defeat, but "Cadence of Hyrule" has generally provided enough bright control points and powerful objects that I never feel too retarded when I have failed.

Power-ups are usually dropped at random and are collected from slaughtered enemies, but they can also be purchased at shops with rupees or diamonds. Permanent bonuses and tools – such as swords, shovels and magic canes – can also be grabbed into the chests, which usually requires a puzzle to complete.

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I also really liked the musical riddles of the game, which challenged me to move on to the song. Some items also required a longer turnaround time, which added a strategic touch to direct combat.

Is the game suitable for families?

The ESRB rated the game "E", with the warning that mild fantasy violence is present. Some dungeon areas can also be populated with skeletons, goblins and ghosts, but the cute, retro-inspired artistic style prevents everything from becoming too intense.

Up to two players can also play together, which can make the game a little easier.

Note: Nintendo has provided a copy of "Cadence of Hyrule" for review.

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