California National Guard challenges military ban on transgender Trump administration

TThe California National Guard said it would not implement the Trump government's Friday mandate to the Pentagon, barring transgender people from serving.

Major-General Matthew Beevers, one of the highest-ranking officers of the California National Guard, told The Hill on Friday that the fact that an individual serving under his command is transgender does not dictate his ability to perform his task. He says that the identity of an individual's gender is the least of our concerns. "

"All transgender soldiers and airmen currently serving in the California National Guard will remain in our ranks," Beevers said. "In addition, we will not treat any soldier or airman today, as we did yesterday."

Beevers stated that service members should be judged on their merit, achievements and abilities, rather than their gender identity, echoing the statements he made to a legislative committee. State earlier this year. He highlighted the exceptions and derogations stipulated in the new policies implemented by the military officials, stressing that there remained "the possibility of continuing to bring members of the transgender service as long as they respond." the conditions required for the service ".

"Whoever wants and can serve the state [and] nation should have the opportunity to serve. In my mind, it is unacceptable that we fundamentally discriminate against a certain category of people on the basis of their gender identity, "said Beevers. "This should be the least absolute of our worries."

More than 14,000 transgender service members will be allowed to continue serving in the military until they are diagnosed with gender dysphoria, according to NPR.

Beevers said the California National Guard would work with military authorities to "integrate transgender people into the current policy framework". The guards are likely to serve.

In January, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump government could begin to enforce its policy prohibiting many transgender people from serving in the military while court proceedings are underway in lower courts. The court voted five to four to allow the Department of Justice to suspend lower court orders barring the Trump administration from allowing the transgender military ban to take effect nationwide. .

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