California restaurant says teens stuck food to the ceiling and mistreated staff


  • A California restaurant has banned those under 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult.
  • Red Rooster Burgers & Brew said young people vandalized the premises.
  • “Some of their actions are illegal and we will not allow it,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post.

A California burger restaurant has banned those under 18, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, due to what it described as unacceptable behavior from young people.

Red Rooster Burgers & Brew, which is located in Garden Valley, announced the decision in a recent Facebook post, saying it tolerated the behavior for two years.

She called the young clients in question “kids” and said she had expressed her concerns on several occasions.

After implementing rules that would still allow customers to enjoy a restaurant trip and hang out with friends, it became clear that their driving was going to continue, he said.

The post added that it was not the owners’ intention to “exile the young people from our community”, but that they should protect their property.

The restaurant’s post listed several incidents, including: fries thrown at employees; condoms left in the toilet; candies stuck to the ceiling and condiments thrown in the wrong bottles and thrown in the premises.

He also accused young customers of sitting on changing tables in the washroom while “kissing”.

“Some of their actions are illegal and we will not allow it,” the restaurant said in its Facebook post.

Other reasons cited by the restaurant were “smoked marijuana in the bathroom” and customers stealing soda from the refrigerator.

According to the restaurant, the streets of the surrounding neighborhood had also been degraded. “Recently, a neighbor’s Halloween display was vandalized. We found pieces of it in our parking lot,” the post added.

The restaurant did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Red Rooster Burgers & Brew’s problems echo those of Burgerville, a popular regional chain. In August, Burgerville said vandalism and damage occurred at its Southeast Portland branch. As a result, he temporarily closed the branch.

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