California sued Trump administration 46 times. Here are the lawsuits

As President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump offers Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rosenstein at MJ. McCabe says: "It's possible" Trump is an asset for Russia McCabe: Trump "undermines the role of law enforcement" enters its third year of presidency, the California Attorney General Xavier BecerraXavier BecerraTrump kidnaps the "Open Border Democrats" for a lawsuit to block the declaration of urgency. States bring legal action to block Trump's national emergency declaration. (D) has remained a persistent backbone within his administration on issues ranging from immigration to environmental protection and the Affordable Care Act.

In total, the California Attorney General's Office has sued the federal government 46 times in a record, barely one year, more than any other state attorney general under the Trump administration or another presidency in its history .

Twenty-seven of these lawsuits were decided in favor of the state, while others, including two filed since the beginning of 2019, are still pending. Efforts include the combination of prosecution by other states and administration.

In contrast, Republican attorneys general across the country sued the Obama administration for the same amount – in total – 46 times over the eight years of his presidency. The Becerra office looks on the verge of overshadowing this figure by the end of Trump's first term, said the Republican Attorneys Association at Mercury News last year.

In a statement to The Hill, a representative of the Becerra office said that "the Attorney General's decision-making process is often shaped by his deep conviction that anyone working hard and following the rules gets a chance to move forward".

Here is a list of the 46 lawsuits hitherto initiated by the Trump administration from the Becerra office:

Blocking Trump's ban on traveling to several Muslim-majority countries

In March 2017, California joined Washington State v. Trump against the first version of the ban to travel from several Muslim-majority countries.

Announcement of Combat to End Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA)

California filed a lawsuit in 2017 to prevent the Trump administration from terminating DACA, by obtaining a preliminary injunction that ended the Trump administration 's order to terminate the program.

Fight against the opposition of the Trump administration to the policy of "sanctuary"

The state has taken legal action in 2017 against the decision of the administration to impose obligations on law enforcement to prevent funds from going to cities with "sanctuary" laws protecting undocumented immigrants. The state has engaged a second action in early 2018 to obtain information from the justice. Department on new requirements for grants.

Litigation against Trump's plans for a border wall

In September 2017, Becerra's office filed a lawsuit challenging the construction of the president's border wall in two areas, San Diego County and Imperial County.

FOIA trial against DHS immigration practices

Becerra's office filed a lawsuit in October 2017 after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) refused to produce documents following a request from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). California regarding immigration control practices.

Challenge to the Citizenship Issue on the 2020 Census

Becerra brought an action last March after the Trump administration had announced that a question to determine whether residents legally residing in the country would be inserted in the US Census of 2020. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case this quarter.

Continuing against the policy of separation of the family

The state joined 17 others last year to sue the Trump administration over a "zero tolerance" immigration crackdown policy, which required children to be detained and separated from their parents if the family was suspected of illegally crossing the border.

Prosecution of selected federal grant funds

Becerra filed a lawsuit in August 2018, claiming that the Trump administration imposed unjust demands on local enforcement grants, resulting in a $ 28 million return of federal funds in California.

Challenging the national emergency declaration

The most recent lawsuit filed by the state, just days ago, calls into question the legal reason used by Trump to declare a national emergency and reallocate funds to its project to build a border wall along the US-Mexico border.

Fight the ban on transgender service members

The state filed in late 2017 to ask a judge to lift the Trump ban on transgender service in the US military by obtaining a preliminary injunction lifted last month by the Supreme Court.

Continuation of rules regarding access to birth control

Becerra challenged the administration in 2017 with a lawsuit challenging the end of the rules requiring employers to provide birth control coverage in the company's health care plans.

Joint Appeal Against Refunds Under the Affordable Care Act

The state, along with New York and 16 other states, filed a motion for intervention in connection with a lawsuit filed by Republicans challenging the legality of reimbursements to adopted insurance companies by ObamaCare to control the costs of healthcare.

The administration of Sued Trump will revive the repayments of the Affordable Care Act

The state has initiated a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's decision to terminate reimbursements to insurers under the health care law, which Becerra subsequently rejected in 2018 while promising future legal action.

Motion to intervene in the Texas case against ObamaCare

Becerra fought a lawsuit in Texas that resulted in the declaration of unconstitutionality of the health care law. The case is now on appeal.

Continuing against the extension of the association's health plans

Last year, a lawsuit was filed against the Labor Department that, according to the state, would expand access to unregulated health care plans by ObamaCare.

Defending the rules to protect students from college-based for-profit fraud

In 2017, the state filed a lawsuit against a group of California for-profit schools that was trying to prevent the Ministry of Education's regulations on for-profit academic fraud.

Defense of the Obama administration's regulation targeting for-profit schools

Becerra filed to defend a rule passed by the Obama administration that required for-profit schools to prepare students for a recognized field of work, beyond graduation.

Filed against the Ministry of Education for debt relief claim

Becerra filed a lawsuit in 2018 after the Department of Education was accused of failing to process student loan forgiveness claims defrauded by for-profit universities.

Defending the provisions relating to the neutrality of the internet

California filed in January of last year to protect the network neutrality rules imposed by the Obama administration and overturned by the Federal Communications Commission.

Classified to stop the availability of 3D printed guns

The state filed a lawsuit last August to challenge the State Department's decision to allow firearms to be made with 3D printers.

Contested EPA Administrator Scott PruittEdward (Scott) Scott PruittOvernight Energy: Judges decide on the rules for water | Dems investigation of the relations of the administration with Saudi Arabia | Greens Pursue EPA Against Toxic Paint Removers Environmental protection groups are suing the EPA to ban toxic night cleaners Energy at night: l & # 39; EPA makes formal decision regarding the regulation of drinking water contaminants | Utility Closes Coal Plant Despite Trump's Advocacy | Greens say climate is high among 2020 voters on conflicts of interest

Becerra filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2017, after the EPA refused to produce documents regarding incumbent President Scott Pruitt.

Continuation of the waste prevention rule (3)

Becerra has been involved in three lawsuits following a decision by the Trump administration to delay and eventually repeal a rule governing methane emissions on public and tribal lands.

Continued against the Ministry of Energy's report on energy standards for commercial products

California has challenged the Ministry of Energy about its inability to produce final reports on energy standards, especially on portable air conditioners and refrigerators.

The struggle for coal leases on public lands

Becerra challenged the Interior Ministry in 2017 about the decision to start renting public land for coal mining.

Recourse to the valuation rule governing royalties from the extraction of oil, gas and coal (2)

The state has been involved in two lawsuits regarding Trump's delay in administration and the eventual repeal of a rule requiring Americans to collect royalties from companies that extract oil, gas or coal from federal lands.

Challenge to delay penalties for automakers that do not meet fuel economy standards

The state has taken legal action and obtained a decision demanding that the administration immediately implement new sanctions for car manufacturers who produce cars that do not comply with fuel consumption standards.

Trump fight late rule administration demanding the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from road traffic

The pursuit of Becerra forced the Trump administration to immediately enforce a rule requiring local authorities to measure pollution from traffic.

Challenge the efficiency standards of the energy department

California has filed a lawsuit to challenge a delay in DOE's energy efficiency standards governing ceiling fans.

Prosecutions against EPA standards for ozone (2)

Becerra has been involved in two lawsuits challenging the EPA's inability to designate areas of the country as "accomplished" or "unaffected", and has obtained a decision requiring the EPA to designate areas of the country threatened by smog.

Continued on the regulation of fracking

Becerra filed in early 2018 against the repeal, by the Trump administration, of the fracking regulations for federal and tribal lands.

A lawsuit to defend Obama's Clean Water rule

In early 2018, the state had filed a lawsuit to defend the EPA's Obama era regulation governing water management.

Challenge EPAs against methane emissions

California has taken legal action against the EPA in 2018 for the agency's alleged failure to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas extraction activities.

Force the EPA to ban toxic pesticides

In 2018, the state took legal action binding the EPA to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, suspected of causing health problems to infants and young children.

End difficult to put in place an EPA provision requiring significant sources of air pollution to reduce emissions.

The complaint, filed by Becerra last year, challenged the end of the EPA's "Once In, Always In" policy.

Fought to enforce the standard of emission of only one vehicle

Becerra and 16 other states filed lawsuits last year to try to prevent the Trump government from ending the US standard for single-vehicle emissions.

Sued EPA for suspension of worker protection program against pesticides.

Becerra has forced the EPA in 2018 to require safety training for farm workers and their families regarding the use of toxic pesticides.

Challenge the EPA for not enforcing the methane rule in landfills

The state sued last year to force the EPA to enforce a 2016 rule governing methane emissions from landfills.

Blocking EPA's attempt to end the rule governing the production of high pollution diesel engines

The EPA rescinded the decision to stop applying a high-polluting engine rule after California and other states filed suit.

End of the fight against the rules of the department of the interior on migratory birds

California and other states fought last September against a decision by the Interior Ministry that exempted companies from rules requiring efforts to prevent the death of migratory birds, including the bald eagle.

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