California Super Bloom Craze Calls for New Rules to Manage Crowds and Traffic


California Super Bloom Super Spectacular Space
  • The massive crowds who visited the super-flowering Elsinore Lake prompted officials to impose new rules.
  • Visitors to this weekend will have to take a shuttle bus at a cost of $ 10 per person.

Elsinore Lake in Southern California is imposing new rules to help manage traffic, and crowds gather to witness the spectacular bloom of wildflowers in the area.

Officials announce that they will close some roads this weekend and set up detours to counter traffic jams. Visitors will be required to take a shuttle bus on site for a fee of $ 10 per person, free for children under 3 years old. Shuttle buses will be available from 18:30 local time until 20:00. but pets other than pets will not be allowed.

Last Saturday and Sunday, between 50,000 and 100,000 people flocked into the canyon, causing massive traffic jams in the city of 63,000 residents.

"We do not have the infrastructure to support these numbers, "Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos told The Los Angeles Times," The impact on our community has caused some residents to say loud and clear that they are frustrated by the crowd. "

On this satellite image, traffic and crowds are visible Tuesday near the blooming Elsinore Lake site.

(Satellite image © 2019 DigitalGlobe, Maxar company)

The crowd arrived with injuries, heat exhaustion, some snake bites and a nightmare for locals.

"While the blooming created significant challenges for our community, she showed the world the natural beauty of Lake Elsinore," said Manos at a press conference. "And yet, the last few weeks have been unbearable for our residents."

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This year's spectacular bloom can be attributed in part to a particularly wet winter that ended a long drought that lasted seven years.

Manos noted that he had not seen more beautiful bloom during his 32 year life in Lake Elsinore, nor the number of people flocking to the flower fields.

"It's probably a unique event," he said.

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