California woman goes racist racist in viral video | NBC Nightly News

A white woman led the hate-filled rant against a Mexican and his mother while they were cleaning a yard on Saturday.
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California woman goes racist racist in viral video | NBC Nightly News



  1. This is stupid America was built on migration the first ones here were natives Americans then EUROPEANS MIGRATED TO THE US the ones that need to tell people to go back to there country are native Americans everyone else needs to leave tf?

  2. FAT REDNECK COW needs to just graze in her backyard and leave intelligent people alone.

  3. If we brought back racism against fat people, none of this would ever happen.

  4. NBC did not identify or interview the woman and gave us no information about the provenance of the video. The woman must know the rant is being recorded. Isn't this exactly the sort of video that Trump haters would wish for? Looks like a good candidate for fake news and a reason to question the journalistic integrity of Lester Holt and NBC news.

  5. Me: Well, That’s Racist

  6. I'm gonna subscribe to all who subscribe

  7. This is what the conservatives want.

  8. His mom should have slapped the racist slob.

  9. An intelligent person can not be hateful ,like this woman.Hatred is born out of stupidity,inferiority and frustration.

  10. She needs to focus on getting a more supportive bra and a deeper conditioner.. why is it always white trash?!?

  11. That looks and sounds completely staged… And we know how NBC is about their "sources".

  12. "Even the President (Trump) says so"… typical ignorance, but he said that before he was elected meaning everyone knew what they were voting for. So sad

  13. False, fake, staged, race baiting by nbc

  14. She lives in California?? —— Well she's dumber than a rock for sure……….a typical Trumpette trash……..

  15. An old beeyotch who has learned to spout Twitler-style hatred from her sphincter. I hope she sees herself and is proud. Everyone knows who she is now.