Call interference on sharks "a parody"

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Pete DeBoer, coach of the San Jose Sharks, said the fine inflicted on goalkeeper Golden Vegas was a "travesty" following the loss of his home team on Friday.

After a frantic first period in which the Knights and Sharks scored three goals in a row, San Jose defender Brent Burns seemed to give his team the lead just 51 seconds into the second period. But the referees dismissed the goal, citing contact with Knights goaltender Marc-André Fleury of the Sharks' center, Logan Couture.

They went one step further by giving Couture a penalty of two minutes for interference from the goalkeeper, which eliminated any possibility for the Sharks to use the challenge of a coach to potentially cancel the game. appeal and also gave the Knights a numerical advantage. When Mark Stone scored his third goal of the sewing series with Couture in the box, there was an undeniable boost: the Sharks went from a 4-3 lead to a 4-3 deficit in the quarterback. 40 seconds space.

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"The parody of the call is that if they had called the guardian interference [without a minor penalty]We could have challenged him, "said DeBoer after the 5-3 win at the Golden Knights, beating their series 1-1 as the game unfolded Sunday in Las Vegas. gave us a goal, and we would have been 4-3. It's a different game. Instead, it's a two-goal swing. "

There were two points of contention on the play. The first considered the purpose refused. The Sharks claimed that Fleury had moved out of her blue fold and "in the blank", and that any contact with him was not intentional on the part of contact with Vegas defender Brayden McNabb.

"Difficult call," said Couture. "Being involved in that, I thought it was outside the fold.I thought Fleury had met me a bit, but I should watch the retransmission about it." McNabb touched me. "

When asked what the referees told him, Couture said, "He said that I hit him, that I hit him and that no one touched me, I entered myself. I have not seen the recovery, you will have to tell me because I did not see it. "

DeBoer saw the game and disagreed.

"The problem I have with that is that he's entitled to this ice cream, and because Fleury is outside the crease and [Couture] Just go in this area, there is no intention of running in Fleury, "said DeBoer.

There was also the penalty for goalkeeper interference, which requires more than just momentum to gain two minutes in the penalty area. Vegas coach Gerard Gallant, who described the move as "awesome", felt that Couture had dealt a blow to Fleury's head.

"It was definitely the right choice. He hit him in the head. He tries to play the puck, he defends his goal and the guy skates through the blue paint and hits him in the head. For me, it's pretty obvious, "he said. "I do not know what they say there."

This is what Sharks winger Evander Kane said in the San Jose locker room: Fleury's ornaments were called.

"I know they're complaining a lot about Fleury and the traffic in front.When you extend the blue paint a few extra feet, it's very difficult for the opposition to stay away from it." when he's fighting the D men ahead, "he says. "It's a very good reaction from him, he trapped them."

There are many reasons why the Sharks lost the second game, because of a leaking defense that required the goalkeeper's withdrawal Martin Jones in the first period at a power play ranging from 1 to 8 and giving two shorthanded goals. But while this may not have been the determining factor, the goalkeeper's call certainly played a role in Vegas's victory.

"This one call is a two-goal shot in the game," said DeBoer, "and it's devastating for our group.

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