Call of Duty Mobile announced for iOS, Android, by Chinese Tencent


SAN FRANCISCO – Activision unveiled its first big Call of Duty video game for smartphones. The title is quite simple: Call of Duty Mobile. The exclusively multiplayer online game will arrive later this year, but neither Activision nor any of its Western CoD-based studios will lead the development of the game.

Tencent, one of the leading mobile game publishing houses in China, will take care of dev dev dev. (Activision did not specify which particular studio would have taken the lead within Tencent for this game.)

Call of Duty Mobile was unveiled at Unity's main presentation as part of the 2019 game developer conference, as it was integrated into the Unity engine. An Activision representative at the Unity event said that players can expect "beloved cards, competitive game modes and signature fighting mechanics from [Call of Duty entries like] Secret operations and Modern war. The teased cards from the band's first-ever mobile version include Nuketown, Hijacked, and Crash, and fans can expect traditional CoD multiplayer systems such as murder series.

In terms of modes, Activision said players could expect either a 10-man combat mode or a five-on-five combat mode, such as team death and search and destroy. The event included no mention or indication of a potential Royal Battle Mode to 100 players, as shown by the PC and console versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Activision promises "60 fps graphics, low latency and very responsive controls" in the upcoming game. However, no raw game has been shown. It remains to be seen what important aspects such as on-screen controls and the general user interface will look like. We also do not know how monetization and microtransactions will be taken into account in the experiment. A short demonstration of Mobile CoDIts current state, described in Unity Editor, includes explanations of mobile-friendly graphics tips, such as static shadow masks and cascading dynamic shadow maps.

Interested players can now pre-register on for iOS and Android versions.

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