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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Combat Mode – A fast and intense match in doubles

We learned a lot about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the next reboot of the 2007 shooter. But almost all the information currently available to the developer Infinity War focuses on the story of the game. Modern Warfare sees the return old characters, but he tells a new story when he comes out this fall. For all the information we have about his single player campaign, Infinity Ward has been almost silent on his multiplayer side, apart from the details regarding the addition of the cross game to the game. This changes with the announcement of a new type of multiplayer game in "Modern Warfare", called "Gunfight".

Infinity Ward introduced Gunfight in a live stream that allowed Twitch's personalities to embark on the new mode. Gunfight perfectly embodies the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty with ultra-fast two-on-two matches played on small cards. Players compete in multiple rounds and the first team to win six rounds wins the entire match. Speed ​​is the key to the fight: matches are played on a 40-second timer. If you have not yet eliminated the opposing duo, a flag appears in the center of the map. The first team to control the area around the flag for three seconds wins the round; each turn ends in one minute or less.

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We had the opportunity to play Gunfight last month at the premiere of Modern Warfare in Infinity Ward, and the fashion was awesome. It dramatically simplifies Call of Duty's multiplayer mode – you do not worry about equipment, Killstreaks or dumps when a game is played. Instead, the game assigns a set of equipment to all players each turn, so everyone is tied with the same equipment. It's a way to outsmart and outsmart your opponents with your skills rather than your weapons.

Gunfight has three cards: Pine, which is located in a forest; Stack, a container park in the desert; and King, a warehouse training area that is very similar to Captain Price's spray paint and plywood training ground of the original version of Modern Warfare. We played on King, which was small enough that it was almost impossible to avoid dating, but big enough and diversified enough that you could give the soap opera to your enemies just the time to create ambushes . The center of the map included a two-storey wooden walkway that kept in contact with other players, while the flanks included cargo containers with windows where it was possible to hide pomegranate placed).

The fast nature of Gunfight and the ever changing weapons loading mean that you do not have much confidence in yourself, but your skills and reflexes. King has a lot of scattered wooden blankets on the map that give you a chance to hide or break the line of sight of your opponent, but there is no regenerating health in Gunfight. your enemies. And as the rounds are over in about a minute, the battles involve both the puzzle games and the cover of your teammate. Working together is pretty much essential, but in Gunfight, things go pretty fast to make room for a player to win a clutch win in a disadvantaged position.

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Our time with Gunfight was brief, but it was great. This mode is a great reminder of what gives the Call of Duty multiplayer its lasting popularity. Eliminate all the pitfalls of unlocking Killstreaks, combining benefits and leveling guns. You now have a solid shooting game and a smart card design to facilitate team work and intense and fast fights. The speed and intensity of the mode make it a nice change of pace compared to what players expect from the Call of Duty series.

Modern Warfare's multiplayer mode is not limited to Infinity Ward, including how it works in cross-gaming and how the game will integrate the character's progression into all of its game modes. Infinity Ward presents the rest of its multiplayer offerings in one stream. live on Twitch, August 1 at 10 am.

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