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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Gunfight 2v2 Multiplayer: First Impressions

I like a lot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's

Gunfight 2v2 multiplayer mode, and I was not alone. All my fellow members of the media booed and shouted as we played, everyone getting up to watch the other games at the end of their game. This seems like a wonderful counter-programming to epic royal battle games like Call of Duty: Blackout and Apex Legends. Yes, Battle Royals are great and have their place, but they look like a meal sitting in a restaurant, while Gunfight hits the scene like a mouth-watering hamburger Combat fighting fights take place in very small custom cards, small enough so that you can see at least one person from the other team when the game begins, if the three cards I tried ("King", the inside of the warehouse, "Pine", a wooded area, and "Stack", a desert container park) are all there is to see. And because Modern Warfare brings the series back to its shorter TTK roots, it usually takes a few hits to knock down an opponent. Combined with the 40-second stopwatch, the turns are extremely fast. To force campers to take action, a flag will appear in the center of the map when the stopwatch reads 0:00. If you can get in there and defend it for three seconds, your team scores a point. If the fight persists, the team with the most health wins. Health does not regenerate in Gunfight. The first six-point team wins.

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But although I love the 2v2 nature of this mode as well as the small cards, maybe my favorite feature of Gunfight is that everyone appears with the same random weapons at every turn, and that 's the same. there is no advantage or other bonus that may tip a match in a favor of the player or the team. In one round, everyone could have rocket launchers and shotguns, and in another case, it could act from AK-47 and pistols to silence. This is the teamwork cooperation and skills you have acquired with the weapons you have randomly assigned. From my experience, this means that even if your teammate gets killed quickly, all hope is not lost.

On a memorable occasion while I was playing against other members of the media, my partner died quickly. But, taking advantage of the small environment to my advantage, I waited for them to join me, protecting me from the long-range shots of sniper rifles with which we were all born. I went to the handgun with which we had all created a random spell and, feeling that they were going to try to flank me when they finally moved in, then I ambushed one of them, firing a few quick gun shots to knock down the first one. . Suddenly, the playing field had leveled: it was one to one, with no advantage or bonus to tip the scales in our favor. I was able to use the intelligence to compensate for my age (I am 38 years old, I am not Ninja), and avoid the last opponent to kill him and win the victory after being badly taken Situation 1v2.

E3 2019 Direct-Feed Screens – Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Multiplayer Mode

Infinity Ward, who did his best to brings the band together for this reboot, wants to point out that Modern Warfare "offers a unified narrative experience and progression across the campaign, multiplayer and cooperation." Although the part relating to progression is quite explicit, which is exactly what "unified storytelling" "experience" means that it remains to be seen. Fortunately, we will not have to wait too long to learn more about other multiplayer modes (one of them was my co-favorite with Gunfight) because a lot more about the rest of the multiplayer suite of Modern Warfare will be unveiled during the call. of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay, Aug. 1 at 10:00 am (Pacific Time). Stay tuned to IGN for this!

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