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Camaro Supercars suspended until chassis rules are changed

Walkinshaw Andretti United is studying the introduction of the Camaro in the Supercars since the middle of last year, details of the planning phase unfolding during the Bathurst weekend in October.

However, the team led by Ryan Walkinshaw simultaneously campaigned for changes to the Supercars' control chassis, predicting that the high roll hoop line designed for a four-door sedan would not work for a two-seater sports car. low profile doors.

The Mustang, the first two-door model to join Supercars under the Gen2 regulation, has helped to legitimize this argument, its proportions having provoked a mixed reaction since the first public appearance of the car in November.

He also sealed the short-term fate of the Camaro, Walkinshaw confirming that the project was on standby until a chassis more suited to two-door cars was available.

"Listen, I'm sure [engineer] Ludo [Lacroix] and Penske made sure this thing was quick and ugly, "said Walkinshaw.

"It's very simple for us. The Walkinshaw Group sells the Camaro here in Australia to General Motors Holden, and we are not going to bring a car to the race track that does not have the integrity of the original product in its design.

"If and when Supercars change the regulation of the rolling circle to allow cars with this type of bodywork in the category … and I'd like to think that they're thinking about it seriously, as that opens the door to all kinds of We would not be stuck in this category of niches of four-door sedans, or doors with two doors very bastard, to try to adapt them to a chassis that does not need to be like that.

"Then we will certainly look at it, but for the moment, although the regulations are the same, it does not make any sense to us.

"We put a lot of work into the [Camaro] program, but that is the stumbling block for us.

"If and when that changes, then yes, it's something we'll be excited to explore again."

The Mustang will debut in competition on the streets of Adelaide this weekend. The training should start tonight.

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