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Canadian Cancer Society: Men without cervix can contract cervical cancer

The following story can only be explained by mass hysteria, a phenomenon that allows a large group of people to hallucinate the same illusion at the same time. This is exactly what happens with the trans-hysterical movement in Western countries. Take Canada for example. These people north of our border have lost their heads, and I'm not just talking about random people, but big institutions like the Canadian Cancer Society.

A new campaign for cervical cancer control is dominated by a transgender person who is a biological man and does not have a cervix. Observe the nonsense of the ad under the title "Transwomen and cervical cancer screening".

Screenshot of the Canadian Cancer Society's Credit Web site

The site claims that the risk of cervical cancer is very low for a person without cervix. "If you're a transsexual woman, you may not have thought much about Pap smears and cervical cancer. And if you do not do it, it makes a lot of sense. After all, to have cancer of the cervix, you have to have a cervix. But do not be fooled by the apparent clarity of this statement. They continue to talk about it themselves.

"If, however, you are a trans woman who has undergone bottom surgery to create a vagina (vaginoplasty) and possibly a cervix, there is a very low risk of developing cancer in the tissues of your neo-vagina or your neo-col. . The risk depends on the type of operation you have undergone, the type of tissue used to create your vagina and cervix, as well as your medical history. Talk to your health care provider to determine your specific needs for cancer screening as part of your overall pelvic health after surgery. "

A "neo-cervix uterine" is a false cervix. It is not a part of the body that works. This is a false representation of a cervix created on an operating table. To call it "cervix" or even "neo-cervix" does not make him a true cervix. And since it is not a cervix, there is no way to contract cervical cancer. A "cancerous" society should know it.

To tell the public that biological men can catch a "cervical cancer" on a part of their body that was supposed to look like a cervix is ​​ridiculous. And let us not forget that Canada uses a single payer health care system, in which long waiting times are the cause of many unnecessary deaths and suffering. How many women with female organs will they suffer now because their "female" health screenings are fouled by biological men who do not need to get them?

In England, the Department of Public Health also included biological men claiming to be women in their cervical cancer screenings if they identified with a woman. And if women identify themselves as men, they will not be asked to undergo cervical cancer screening, even if their cervix is ​​active. The sun reported in 2017,

Laura Perrins, a female activist, told The Mail on Sunday: "We are now at a point where state collusion with this transgender program is endangering women's health.

"It is a ridiculous use of NHS resources to invite men to a cervical screening test, while it is immoral and dangerous not to invite women."

The world is really crazy.

PJ Media has approached the Canadian Cancer Society asking that medical research prove its need to screen for cervical cancer in men without cervix. ;uterus. Rosie Hales responded, "If a trans woman has undergone a back surgery, it is possible to get cancer in the tissues of her neo-vagina or neo-cervix.This is not the same type of cancer that cervical cancer, any one can develop cancer in any tissue of one's body ".

This confirms that biological men can not catch cervical cancer and also raises the question of whether gynecologists are even trained to examine surgically created caries after "bottom surgeries". Does a Pap smear even catch carcinomas or skin cancers? Should a dermatologist or other transgender specialist who is familiar with the common problems experienced by people who have undergone this procedure not be better at detecting skin cancer?

But do not expect these facts to change the language of politically correct institutions, deciding to lie to people about humanity. They will continue to tell biological men that they can contract "cervical cancer" and send them to women's health care providers, who may not be ready to help them because is not a health issue. It's about the story, science is damned.

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