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Canfora's Mock Draft for the 2019 NFL: Kyler Murray goes to Cards, the Broncos trade with Raiders to land from QB

1Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
Like everyone else, I heard all the rumors about the fact that Arizona was not stuck on this pick. A general manager told me that he had heard the card manager tell Josh Rosen to buy a house in Scottsdale. It has been months since others are firmly convinced that it is their choice, including many close relatives of Murray and coach Kliff Kingsbury. Even though an exchange is always a consideration, I think it has been stuck since the combine, if not before.2

Nick Bosa, EDGE, State of Ohio
I'm buying conventional wisdom here. John Lynch takes another pass in the top 10, despite the weak returns of Solomon Thomas at this point. He has recovered from his injury and is ready to face his brother for the NFL bag in any season.3Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama
The Jets really want to negotiate, but unless the Skins move in favor of Dwayne Haskins – which I do not exclude – I do not see any other obvious trade match. The Jets choose the best player available and reinforce their defensive line.4

Devin White, LB, LSU
I've heard a lot of rumors about Haskins and two GMs that I talked to said they would not be totally stunned if RB Josh Jacobs was their choice, but I think eventually, Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden are focusing on defense here and some are familiar with it. Tell me, they think that White is the guy behind Josh Allen or Ed Oliver. So I'm going with that.5Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky
I keep going here and they jump on Allen or White and in this scenario, Allen is still on the board. S & # 39; s attacking the defensive line with Gerald McCoy having about nine and a half fingers to the outside of the building seems to be the consensus around the league for Tampa, one way or the other.6

Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
In their perfect word, Allen is sitting here. If he does, I think the Giants will sprint this card up to the scene with his name. The defensive line of the Giants might need a lot of help. Devin Bush or an offensive lineman would also make sense, but Oliver could be a real weapon at the time of the attack.7T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa
You could argue good arguments for a number of offensive linemen here, and I would not say anything, especially Jonah Williams. However, this team lacks so much weapons whether it's for new quarterback Nick Foles and she has many assets invested in this stream and probably thinks that better health will bring gains. They need people to throw the ball, desperately.8

Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama
They really want to trade, and at some point, Atlanta or Washington have made progress, but I play security here. And that 's what I have to do in Detroit as well. Super clean child that will impact an OL always in need, whether it's a tackle or a guard. If they are able to buy back, I see them targeting a gulf.9Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson
The defensive line is the strength of this draft and it is urgently needed in Buffalo. With two already gone, the Bills catch Wilkins – which several teams covet – rather than attacking here online offensive. You can also convincingly defend Andre Dillard or Jawaan Taylor.ten

Devin Bush, LB, Michigan
New head coach Vic Fangio is all over this kid and desires him very hard for it to be the central nervous system of the new defense that he is setting up. And although John Elway is a quarterback / offensive guy, and new quarterback Joe Flacco can use a guy like Fant, I'm leaning in favor of Fangio here.11Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State
He could prove to be the best player in this project and a mountain tackle left. If rookie head coach Zac Taylor wants to get this offense, he will need a much higher pass protection. He saw what the Rams who signed with Andrew Whitworth (of Cincy) did for Taylor when he was with the Rams. Bush would be very much the choice here if available … but it's not in my fictional world.12

Noah Fant, TE, Iowa
What better way to get things done with Aaron Rodgers than to give him a copy like this to reinforce the passing game? Of course, OL's help is also needed, but Rodgers has lost playmakers over the last few years and Jimmy Graham seems to have almost finished. Rookie head coach Matt LaFleur needs more pieces of the offensive puzzle after spending so much money on independent defense (although if Bush is still on the board, I think he's the choice).13Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida
Speed ​​kills and exceeds rush rules, and Miami needs a lot of both to defend itself. This team has holes everywhere, from QB, but I think it goes in that direction in 2020. If Wilkins is available, I think he'll be the type of Dolphins; in this case, I have it in the course of a race very early on tackles.14

Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College
We heard an intense buzz about it this week and Atlanta had a large contingent to see it on campus recently. In a perfect world, they slip a few choices to catch it, and I heard that they also liked Wilkins, but in my fake imitation on the trades, I'm just going to put it here at 14 years old.15Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio
I'm reporting this match from the combine and, for once, in this case, good fortunes are shining in the Skins QB room. I would not be at all surprised when they went to 3 or 8 or somewhere else to make sure that they were catching Haskins, but in this exercise, it suits them perfectly.16

Clelin Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson
He did not run for the NFL teams, which dissuaded some of them, but there is still a lot of modeling clay here, and Carolina badly needs to add strength to his pass. Jawaan Taylor may have left for a long time, but if he was not, I could see him also be part of the choices.17


Daniel Jones, QB, Duc
Giants return in this family tree Manning / Cutcliffe families for the replacement of Eli. They can not wait until day 2 to claim to meet their most obvious need and one of the most obvious needs of all professional football.18

Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida
A physical specimen that can make a big difference to a line that really needs it. The Vikings need Kirk Cousins' splash to work. Whether he remains at the tackle or not, it would make sense here. Cody Ford seems to be a good fit too, but has recorded some ripples Vikes may not be as strong as other teams.19

Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson
It's a mobile chess piece that fits perfectly into the Titans' scheme. An absolutely massive defender with a whimsical athleticism to start.20Deandre Baker, BC, Georgia
If this happens, there will be a serious debate about whether to take the Baker or LSU corner, Greedy Williams. In the end, Mike Tomlin knows his plan and his defense and I think he's tipping the scales in Baker's favor. The corner is a need, again, and it could solve it.21

Gary Rashan, EDGE, Michigan
It's not everyone's cup of tea for a multitude of reasons, but the Seahawks are not scared by guys with different personality traits. He is in great shape and the last time the Seahawks won a Michigan pass, Frank Clark, the guy who was replaced, worked very well.22Neal Harry, WR, State of Arizona
A year ago, they used their first choice to finally meet the most urgent need of the moment. I could see Eric DeCosta, new general manager, do the same here. They need a quick pass (but they could hire a veteran, Ziggy Ansah who visits the team) and a help to the inner OL, but they could also use their third round choice – to progress – to solve this problem. They may have the weakest reception hall of the NFL. It's an immediate boost in size, speed and skill. Marquise Brown or DK Metcalf would also suit, but I roll the dice on Harry.23

Cody Ford, G, Oklahoma
Texans are determined to strengthen their offensive line. This is not a secret Maybe they fix it, but the fact that Ford is here would work well too. Bradbury could be the guy, or another lineman inside. I could also see that this choice was an LT like Greg Little.24

From Chicago

Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama
They love this kid and believe that it makes the difference. With the Eagles and the others lagging behind, I'm going to put it here instead of picking 27, when Oakland picks again. Great character and another influx of talent to a remodeled offense.25

Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State
A heart problem is a big concern and he will not be in the first round, but I'm not sure Howie Roseman can let him pass here. Running on players with injury problems could be going on. I think Maryland's safety, Darnell Savage, will also be very hot in this range.26Jeffery Simmons, DL, State of Mississippi
The Colts are building for the long run and even if it's a redshirt year because of an ACL injury, it could anchor this D for years to come. I would not be shocked if the Colts won a place or two to land it. General Manager Chris Ballard loves him and loves the safety of Darnell Savage, but I'm leaving for Simmons.27

False deal with Raiders via Dallas

Drew Lock, Quarter, Missouri
Two tire dealers meet. Jon Gruden makes blockbusters every two or three months and John Elway has already participated in the first round for a quarter. Elway must be concerned that the Chargers are catching a QB here, and that the Raiders, especially with the pass rush and two selections already made, add more selections from Day 2.28

Darnell Savage, S, Maryland
I'm not sure he's succeeding here, but if he does, I see the Chargers taking it. So much versatility and potential impact as deep security, corner corner and linebacker in some of their most extraterrestrial packages. They also like Vandy's corner, Joejuan Williams, and maybe he's the guy, but they were one of the first teams to feel how Savage was going to rise (if you're reading this space, I'll tell you said it over a month ago) the guy out of nowhere to watch).29

From Kansas City

Byron Murphy, BC, Washington
Turn evaluations are ubiquitous, but there is a consensus that if Murphy were a faster tick, he would be a long way from the board before. With Seattle's ability to cultivate defensive backs, I see them approaching this position one way or another. They are still on the market for trading, too, and this could be where Denver or someone else is moving for Lock too.30

From New Orleans

Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma
What better way to make Rodgers really happy? These two steps would give LaFleur more than it needed. Whatever you may say about the current group of Green Bay recipients, they lack a burner such as Brown. Maybe the rest of the defense could be used for the rest of the way – without one or two OL – if they were successful.31

Garrett Bradbury, C, NC State
The inside of OL is a problem, with some key veterans no longer part of this line. They have invested 2018 on C / G, but Bradbury could be an immediate starter (some might prefer Erik McCoy of Texas A & M and a tackle like Little could very well end up at the back of the round, with Andrew Whitworth approaching of the end. .32Irv Smith, TE, Alabama
The Patriots will probably come back or do something that nobody has seen coming (CB Joejuan Williams would not shock me in the least, the Patats tend to score the turns differently than some other teams). But Bill Belichick loves Nick Saban a lot and it meets a huge need. Belichick still has a ton of choices on Friday to shock and impress the rest of the NFL at that time.

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