Capcom producers reiterate their wish to bring Devil May Cry to Switch


This is the gateway to Dante's entrance in Smash

We still do not know how Devil can cry 5 will reveal itself but with the current DMC Hideaki Itsuno, the boss, at the helm and a great demo so far, things look positive. When it arrives March 8, it will be welcomed by the public PCs, PS4 and Xbox One, but naturally, not on Switch.

Itsuno and producer Matt Walker want to change that. Expressing on Express UK, the duo said: "We have not announced anything for Switch, no … We would personally like to play Devil can cry Play on Switch, "says Walker," I'm one of those who still want to play everything on Switch. I always ask for ports. "

Itsuno has already explained that he wanted the character on Switch so that Dante can justify his place in the Super Smash Bros. list, so that corresponds to their previous feeling. Given the ease with which I can see a May Cry Devil Collection HD working on Switch and Dante in a theoretical two Fighter Pass season for Ultimate Smashit could very well happen.

Devil can cry [Express UK]

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